Monday, April 13, 2009


A wonderful recipe from the book (Bake With Yen), recommended by a friend. This tarts turn out to be a favourite desert for all my friends, especially my daughter. Try it'll see!

125g butter
60g fine granulated sugar
250g all purpose flour (plain flour)
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
1 tbsp COLD water (may need more than that)

~ Sift flour and sugar into mixing bowl
~ Rub butter into flour until resembles coarse crumbs (rubbing method)
~ Add in egg yolk, vanilla and water
~ Shape dough into ball and refrigerate (20-30 minutes) before using
** (before using, take out fr fridge, wait for awhile until dough soften)
~ Place dough onto tart shells, and pooked the base with fork (this is to let the air comes out while baking)
~ Bake at 160-170'C for 10-15 minutes or until brown

250g cream cheese
20g butter
60g fine granulated sugar
1 egg

~ Beat cheese, butter and sugar together until fluffy
~ Add in egg and beat till well mix
~ Pour mixture onto baked tart shells
~ Bake at 170-180'C for 10 minutes

** Spoon some blueberry on the unbaked tarts, used a toothpick or a small fork to create some graphics.
** Makes about 11 to 12 tarts (size : Big)


  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to making these yummy cheese tarts for us! I'm eating one now! ;)

  2. Hi Honey Bee Sweets....u r most welcome! I enjoyed baking with u ladies....will be looking fwd to bake again!!

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  4. Got to know your blog thru' honeybeesweets, and just tried out this recipe last Saturday. Everyone likes it! Thanks for sharing this recipe ;-)

  5. Hi Quizzine,
    You are most welcome! So happy to know that everybody likes it so much...:)

  6. Hi Reese,

    Thks for sharing this awesome recipe. It received rave reviews from my entire family! My teenage son ate 4 at one go and my 78yrs old Dad ate 2 ..he was tempted to eat a 3rd one!Will definitely be baking another batch really soon! :))

    Here is a pic of my tarts -

  7. Hi Aquariusgal, your photo of the tarts looks great! Really beautiful..:) Knowing your family loves it so much really makes my day..:) So glad that this recipes' been shared. Happy bakings!!

  8. its so nice,,when such simple recipes make tasty things..really happy :D..thank u

  9. Hi lizzie clark,
    Welcome to my blog!....and you are welcome with this simple & yet delicious recipe! Enjoy....^^

  10. Sorry this sounds a bit lame but when you say spoon blueberries on top, do you mean real fruits blueberries? Aren't they still small whole fruits? How do you have the graphic effect with it being a solid?

    1. I'm using blueberry fruit jam, those selling at the bakery store...not those jam for bread. They do have small whole fruits in the jam. After you spooned onto the tarts, use a tooth pick or small fork yo make the graphic.

  11. Hii I would like to know whether your blueberry cheese tart still has a soft filling after baking it??

    1. Hi Mpgg,
      Yes, the tarts filling were still soft but not as soft as egg tarts if u compare with it.



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