Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cutie Strawberry Rolls

Few days ago, my aunt (舅母) sent me a link bout this cute strawberry roll, once I opened it, my reaction was...WAH!!! SO CUTE!! While I was planning to try it out, my aunt and my youngest sis have posted theirs..haha! Their work was so fine and nice..:) So without any delay, I did mine this morning!
This was from a blogger in Taiwan, and of course everything was written in Mandarin. You can have a look at hers here.

Not much changes have been made here, I used some pandan paste for the strawberries leaves instead..;p And why is my rolls got holes ha? Maybe I've folded it too much..:(

See, this is how it looks after cute isn't it...haha! Anyway I think I should post the recipe here which I'll translate it to English for my own reference.
Egg yolk Batter:
6 egg yolks
20g sugar
60g fresh milk
45g cornoil (original called for salad oil)
100g cake flour (original called for low gluten flour)
15g cornflour
Egg Whites:
6 egg whites (original called for 5.5 egg whites)
70g sugar
Ingredients for little strawberries:
20g egg whites
10g sugar
few drops strawberry paste or red colouring
** some cocoa powder diluted in some water (brown color)
** some pandan paste (green color~leaves)
Some whipped cream and some halved fresh strawberries.
~ First, preheat the oven at 180'C. Then lightly whisk the egg yolks together with 20g sugar, then add in fresh milk and coinoil and mix well.
~ Add in cake flour and cornflour and stir well. Set aside.
~ Spoon out 30g egg yolk batter and mix in the red colouring or strawberry paste. Mix well.
~ Whisk the egg whites and sugar (ingredients for little strawberries) till half soft peak form and add in the prepared 30g egg yolk batter. Stir well.
~ Spoon the pink batter into a piping bag with tip #3. Pipe some little triangles onto lined tray (10"x14").
~ Bake at 180'C for 1 minute then set aside.
~ Whisk the 6 egg whites together with the 70g sugar until peak form.
~ Fold into the remaining egg yolk batter. Then pour batter over the half-baked strawberries.
~ Flatten the top with a spatula and bake at 175'-180'C for 12-13 minutes.
~ Transfer on to wire rack to cool completely. Then slice into half.
~ Once completely cooled, spread the whipped cream and place some strawberries on the cream and roll up.
~ Once the rolls are stable, colour the strawberries with prepared cocoa powder and pandan paste.
** For more step by step details and pictures, you can find it here.
There'll be 2 rolls all together, and I did one with a cute Hello Kitty...does it look okay?....LOL
Luckily when I asked my daughter what can she see here, she did answer Hello Kitty...haha!

Texture is super soft. Maybe I'll try it with some other fruits. Kiwi? Orange? Banana? Or maybe durian...;p



  1. WOW, this is so so cute! i must try this one day.

  2. so cute! i like the strawberry one!

  3. WHOAh! the strawberries are gorgeous!!!

    Coraine @ Life is like a Long Journey

  4. So cute...great piece of art on your rolls...too beautiful to eat them :) Well done, Reese :)

  5. Ooo they are so cute and sweet. I bet your daughter went gaga when she see the cake :)

  6. Sonia,
    Yes, you muz try your kids will LOVE it..:)

    Thank you..:D

    Swee San,
    I like the strawberry one too...will try some other fruits soon..hehee!

    Thank you..:)

  7. Elin,
    Thank you..:) I took alot photos before slicing..haha!

    Ah Tze,

    Thank you..heehee! She was thinking which part should I cut for her..haha! And she's the biggest fan I have..:)

  8. This is so so cute lah! Die die must try it, hahaha! But I just finished my strawberries making a new bread recipe ( you'll love it, post soon), maybe use some other flavor, heehee! Btw, I love this gal's blog (originator of this recipe), been awhile since I last visit. Thanks for this super sweet idea friend!!

  9. This is simply too too irresistible & cute! Just in time for my swiss roll ideas!

  10. Bee Bee,
    I have an idea for you...your chocolate banana swissroll then with banana patterns..super nice!...heehee! Waiting for your strawberry bread post..:)

    Thanks and happy baking..:)

    Terima kasih...;p

  11. lovely! I admired your patience! :)

  12. OMG, the strawberry swiss roll is sooooo cute... !!!

  13. So pretty, Reese! What a great idea to draw on it! It's sure going to please everyone who sees this!

  14. CaThy,

    Thank you..:D

    Thank you,actually not much drawing la, just the leaves and the dots but it really please everyone with *woo, wah* reactions..haha!

  15. this is really really beautiful! hehe i just bought some strawberries so maybe i should try it soon!

  16. Very creative & thanks for sharing this. :)

  17. This is so cute! Bookmarked, hope to try baking it one day.

  18. These strawberry rolls is so pretty. You are so creative making these.

    Love your blog and happy to follow you for more of your creativity.

  19. Reese, this is too pretty to be eaten lah! You are so multi talented my dear. A musician, an artist, a creative baker and good cook and what else? :D

  20. janine,
    Thank you..:)

    Thank you and you are most welcome..:)

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Hope you like this..:)

  21. Zoe,
    Thank you so much!!

    Thank you, and I'm not as good as you said la...still need alot practice. Actually I'm all "half-half' as the Chinese says.."half-pail-water"...LOL!

  22. wow, painting on the roll, definitely a first i'm sure!

  23. Dear Reese..

    Your swiss roll looks lovely. I've tried your recipe this evening. Mine didn't turn out as lovely as yours but enough to make me happy.. at least I've answered my own challenge. I hope you won't mind me re-posting your recipe in my blog for my future reference ya. Can't wait to post it in my blog, probably tomorrow morning. Thank you so much Reese for sharing. Take care!

  24. MamaFami,
    No worries, go ahead and post it! I'm so glad that you like this roll and happy to hear that you've tried...:) Happy baking!!

  25. Hi Reese,
    Thanks for sharing this recipe :) I made this today and the result is good except that my sponge cake got "wrinkle" after baking(the side with paper...and when I was peeling off the baking paper, its rather sticky. Therefore, the outlook of my swissroll is not as smooth as yours. Did u grease the baking paper before piping the strawberries on it? I also noticed yours do not have creases, any tips on this?

    Many thanks,

  26. Hi cyndi,
    I used a non-stick parchment paper and I do not grease the paper. Greasing the paper may cause the swissroll go dense and may not rise if too oily.
    Did u remove the paper once took out from the oven? The paper have to be remove once the roll has been taken out from the oven (while it's still hot) . Then only leave to cool.
    Hope you can get the right texture next time!

  27. Hi ReeseKitchen,
    Can I use all purpose flour/plain flour instead of cake flour? Thanks!

  28. Hi VeryBubbly,
    Yes, you may but the texture will not be as soft as the cake flour. Actually originally it calls for low gluten flour (pao flour).

  29. this is so cute, will be a hit for kids birthday. thanks for sharing!



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