Saturday, May 29, 2010

Its My Girl's 6th Birthday!

"I'm very happy today, mummy!".....My girl told me last nigt after her birthday party..:) Most of all it was because the gifts and friends that came to her party..;p Ooh, and the clown! That really entertained them..haha!
I did cook and prepare the rest of the deco myself past few years for my girl's party but not this year. We called for cater and I just concentrate on the cake. Yea..the cake, which took me 9 hours to complete!!.haha! I'm not good at the fondant or gum paste but because my girl has been asking for it months ago and she even choose the color and decorations herself, so I have no choice! Stress myself out for it and luckily my youngest sis (littlekitchen) was here to help, or else.....;p A BIG "thank you" to her!!

After all the baking, frosting, moulding and's the cake!

She loves it! ...:) Especially the colour...PINK! Its so pink actually, but its the favourite colour for all girls i think..heehee..:)

Some small Strawberry cupcakes for the wordings, but those cupcakes was from those cupcakes mix pack which I got from the bakery store . Just mixed everything in the mixer and bake, that's all....haha! No time for the rest, so I need a fast one. Anyway, I did add some fresh strawberries in the batter.

All the letters, small flowers and windows for the castle later...moulded and let dry.

The cake's flavour?...Yum yum! Its the butter lemon cake I love from Sonia (Nasi lemak Lover).
The cake was built up with 3 cakes in total, which the middle one was just a plain butter cake with some lemon rind.

Its alittle rough here..heehee! But overall it was still acceptable..haha!

At the end of the decoration, we decided to just stick the plastic door on the cake instead of fondant, ....yeah, we are really tired at that time..;p So the whole cake, the door was really neat..haha!

I just can't wait to display it once after done, you know why? I'm so worried that the pillars will collapse..haha!


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Fruity Chiffon

Chiffon fewer! I've been baking chiffon & chiffon & chiffon again these few days..haha! Well, after the coffee chiffon that I've baked last few days, my girl has been asking me to bake another one which she can eat. What does she mean that the cake she can eat? HAHA....this girl has been telling me that she can't really eat that coffee chiffon cake because coffee is not meant for children. She said it might burn her brain!!....HAHAHA! (It's probably I told her before that coffee contains cafeine which is not suitable for kids)

Okay then, since my fridge is full of oranges, so here's the Orange Chiffon Cake that she can really enjoy!...:)

I used the exact recipe from the Coffee Chiffon Cake but changed the milk and coffee into fresh orange juice and 1 tbsp of "sunquick" (orange concentrate).
The texture was so soft and tasted so good, the cake was all gone right after I cut! It was suppose to be our breakfast this morning, but....hmm..;p

And so I've made another chiffon again this morning for her...Blueberry this time..heehee..;)
Recipe adapted from Blessed Homemaker's Strawberry Chiffon Cake but I did some changes here for my own preference.

Here's my version,
4 egg yolks
40g Sugar
50g cornoil
2 tbsps Milk
120g Plain flour
1/2 tbsp Baking powder
4 egg whites
40g sugar
1/2 tsp Cream of tartar

It's not as blue / purple as I thought but it taste as good as the rest..:) Soft and fluffy..oh I just love it!
Have a Nice & Fruitful Weekend!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Coffee Chiffon Cake

Yup! Its a chiffon cake! Running out of ideas of what to eat for tomorrow's breakfast, then I just searched and digged whatever is left in the cupboard and fridge. Well, I can make a coffee chiffon instead..;) So here it is!

A recipe adapted from Kevin Chai - Chiffon Cake is Done, but i did some changes cause I don't have any Mocha Instant Coffee but just Nescafe. Anyway the coffee scent is not as strong as I expected, but the texture is super soft.

Egg Yolk Batter
2 tbsp instant coffee powder
60ml milk
4 egg yolks
40g caster sugar
40ml cooking oil
80g Self-raising flour
1/2 tsp baking powder

Egg White Foam
6 egg whites
1/2 tsp cream of tartar
80g caster sugar

~ Stir instant coffee powder with milk until melted. Combine with egg yolks, sugar and oil together.
~ Fold in flour and set aside.
~ Beat egg whites and cream of tartar until mixture is foamy. Add in sugar gradually and beat until stiff peak.
~ Gently fold beaten egg white into egg yolk batter until blended. (Divide into 3 times)
~ Pour into ungreased 8" mould and bake in a pre-heated oven for 35 mins or until cooked.
~ Invert cake to cool before removing.

The texture is really soft, fluffy and cottony. The next chiffon I'm going to bake is Orange flavour. Actually that's what my girl ordered..;p

Monday, May 17, 2010

Steamed White Cake (白糖糕)

Yeah...I did it!! This is my mother and grandmother's favourite. My grandmother always buy this keuh for her supper when she go 'pasar malam' (night market). My mother told me she had a recipe of this kueh long time ago but she never succeed. But after she told me all those ingredients that needed inthat particular recipe, I decided not to try. Way too many ingredients to prepare.
But after I saw this keuh so nicely done by Kitchen Snippets, I decided to give it a try. And I did it! Not perfect but successful..:) Thank you so much for the recipe Gertrude..;)

Here's a look of the steamed kueh right from the steamer.

Oh I like the yeasty smell and the unique springy texture of this kueh.

Hmm...I just love it love it love it...;p Even my girl said its nice and took 2 slices right away..:)
If any of you are interested with this kueh, get the recipe from Kitchen Snippets and give it a try..:)

Happy Baking!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day!!

"Happy Teacher's Day" to all teachers out there and "Happy Teaching"...;)

My girl has been asking me to bake a cake for her teachers to celebrate Teacher's Day today at her school. Well, its a last minute notice actually, so I searched through my house, all I can bake is a cheese cake I told her. She said ok, and she start looking for the decos for me..haha! At the end we did went out to get some fresh blueberries and mint leaves.;p

Just something simple here coz I don't have enough time to whip some cream to it. Well, guess cheese cakes doesn't need any cream though. A similar recipe from the Chocolate Marble Cheese i did previously. Only spoons some blueberry fillings in the center of the cheese batter before cover it with the remaining cheese. Then bake, cool, glaze and deco..:)

Packed and sent to school this morning and asked teacher to reserve a piece for me to take a picture inside..hee hee..;p

Here is it...a look at the yummy cake! Hope the teachers enjoy the cake and once again I'll like to wish all Teachers...."HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY"!!

Well not to forget about myself..;) Made myself a yummy Mango Cheese Cake for tea!
A simple recipe adapted from my aunt's friend. Well she demonstrated this cake while selling her mixer. Anyway, we didn't buy that particular mixer but took home this lovely recipe..hahaha!

Share it? is it!
300g Digestive Biscuits (crushed)
100g Butter (melted)
200g Mango Puree
50ml Mango juice
1.5 tbsps Gelatine
375g Cream Cheese
100g Castor sugar
1 tbsp Lemon juice
200g Whipping Cream
~ Mix the melted butter with the crushed biscuits and press onto a 9x9" loose base pan. Freeze.
~ Cook (A)-double boiling, until gelatine disolve and cool.
~ Beat cheese and sugar till creamy
~ Add in lemon juice then (A)
~ Beat whipping cream until firm and mix into the cheese mixture.
~ Pour onto prepare pan and chill until firm
300g mango puree
75ml mango juice
1 tbsp Castor sugar
3 tbsps Cornflour
~ Cook ingredients in a pot until sugar disolve and turn slightly thick.
~ Cool slightly and pour onto firm cheese cake, chill again until the topping turns firm.
~ Cut and serve!

Hmmm....its just too delicious to say no for 2nd and 3rd piece..;p
Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Chocolate Moist Cake with Different Deco

Its almost mid May and my HUGE project going to start soon. What's so huge? Well actually its very improtant to me too..want to know what it is? Then stay tune..hee hee!

At the meantime, I'll like to share with you this wonderful Chocolate cake. The ingredients are far too simple to believe that this cake is actually moist and tasted with rich chocolate. I've done it with 2 different types of decorations, its for a friend and a birthday boy. Here's the recipe I'll like to share with you...

1 & 1/3 cups Lukewarm water
3/4 cup Cocoa Powder

1 & 3/4 cup Cake flour
2 tsps Baking Powder
1/4 tsp Salt

170g Butter
1+3/4 cups Sugar (sugar has been reduced)
3 eggs (medium size)

~ Combine (A) and set aside.
~ Beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy and add in eggs one at a time.
~ Add in (B) mixture alternately with (A) mixture. Always start and end with dry ingredients.
~ Pour into two 9" round pans and bake at 180'C for 25-30 mins.
~ Cool and sandwiched the cake with alittle frosting.

1/3 cup cocoa powder
45g sugar
120g double cream
60g butter
1 tbsp corn oil

~ Cook all ingredients together except butter and oil over double boiler until well dissolved and well mixed.
~ Remove from fire and add in oil and butter.
~ Pour onto the baked cake and chill.

The with chocolate frosting and alittle melted white chocolate and deco with fresh strawberries.

2nd..decorated with some fondant wordings and a train...haha! Yeah..uts Thomas the Train but....

..its so rough! Hopefully the birthday boy won't be dissapointed with his favourite toy that moulded so so so....argh....

Btw, I'm trying to improve with the fondant and gum paste moulding, and hopefully I can attend the class soon..;)


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Simple Sausages Baos

Hey there, it's been awhile since my last post. I've been alittle busy since last week, and I can't even bake a cake for my mum for this coming Mothers' Day..:( But I did went back last weekend to have a nice and relax Hi-Tea with her though. After that we got to rush back home again..*sigh*. Anyway, hope to see her again next week.

So how's some simple and nice recipe to share..:)
My mum did this last year while having a small gathering at her home, and I find it quite nice and most of all "simple"..hee hee..;p

Steamed Sausages Baos.....

Aren't they cute? Soft and fluffy with something different in filling. I was kind of lazy to bake some bread, as bread dough need alot time consuming. Btw, it's not bad at girl took 1 and a half just right after from the steamer..;) All you got to do is wrap the baos dough like those sausage buns and then covered with a damp cloth for 10 mins at least for it to double the size.
Then steam for 10 minutes and serve.

Here's a look before steaming.....

...and the inside after steamed.....

I'm using the same dough recipe which I find its the most easier one. You can get it from my older post of Baos.

Wishing all Mothers a very Happy Mothers' Day!!


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