Thursday, May 21, 2009

Steamed Glutinious Rice with Pandan topping (Kuih Nasi Pulut)

Haiz...i thought this is easy....:( I mean of course it still can be eaten, but the topping was too soft and the colour is terrible. This is the 1st 'kuih nasi pulut' or steamed glutiniuos rice with pandan topping, and it was the lousiest! haha! Luckily my hubby sad the taste is nice....just have to close your eyes while eating...hahaha! So next time when i make this again, i'll never use pandan paste for the topping. Muz keep in mine,....use fresh pandan leaves' juice!

The colour of the topping shouldn't be that dark......mmmmm......but the rice is great.
Have to post this for my reference...and i promised time will be better;P
Frens out there, can have a try...but remember don't use pandan paste!
600g Glutinious rice
250g Coconut milk
200g Water
3 tsps Salt
~ Mix coconut milk with water and salt, stir well
~ Add into rice and mix well
~ Rub some oil on the base of the tray
~ The level of the coconut milk in the rice (after placing in the tray) should not be too much. Juz enough to cover the rice will do.
~ Steam for 20 minutes (high heat), then use a spoon or spatula to press the rice firmly.
(At this moment, if the rice was too dry, can add alittle water)
~ Continue to steam for another 15 minutes or until rice cooked.

2 Eggs
227g Sugar
3 tbsps Cornflour
75g Rice flour
2 tbsps Pandan juice
800g Coconut milk
pinch of salt
~ Beat eggs and sugar together using an egg beater
~ Mix all the other ingredients together with coconut milk
~ Add into eggs mixture and stir well
~ At low heat, keep stiring the liquid until it thickens
~ Pour onto cooked rice and steam for 20 minutes at medium heat
~ Cool properly before cutting
* The topping will only hardened properly when the kuih really cool down


  1. I know this, it's called Kuih Sarlat, some call it Kuih Serimuka!!!! Yummy!

  2. Hi Quinn,
    Is it? I don't know that there's so many names for this kueh..;p Sometimes I just don't really know what's the name of the food as long as its delicious..haha!



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