Thursday, May 24, 2012

Sambal Fish

 This few days we (my daughter and I) are having dinner at my dear friend's house. Since my husband is overseas for few days so my friend has invited us to go for dinner instead. Dinner with friends are the best, we can chat and eat at the same time....and that means we'll gain weight in a way...haha! Cause we will never feel full when you eat and talk at the same time...;p

Well, I can't just go dinner with my empty hands right?! So today I've cooked something alittle hot and spicy for our dinner. Sambal Fish!! It was nice and just right to go with some hot steamed white rice...yummy!!

Ingredients for the paste:
20 shallots
2-3 stalks lemon grass
1/4 " fresh tumeric
5 red chilli
2-3 chilli padi
1 tbsp chilli paste
3-4 slices kaffir leaves
1/2 tsp lemon juice
salt and sugar to taste
2 tbsps cooking oil

~ Mix everything in a blender and blend everything together except salt, sugar and oil)
~ Heat up a wok with the cooking oil, then saute the ingredients till fragnant.
~ Add lemon juice, sugar and salt to taste.

Ingredients for the dish:
500g black pomfret
3 big onions (shredded)
2-3 tbsps water
* above paste (amount depends to individual, but I used all of it)
* cooking oil.

~ Marinate the cleaned fish with some paste for at least 30 minutes. Then heat up some cooking oil and panfry the fish (both sides) until brown and fully cooked.
~ Saute shredded onions until tender, add in the paste and mix well. Add water and bring to boil. Pour onto prepared fish, and served.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Whole Wheat Cheese Buns / Loaf

 Finally I've baked some buns today!!...YEAH!! I'm very proud of myself because it has been along time since i bake something and the result was fantastic!! It's a wholewheat buns adapted from my dear friend's blog..."HoneyBeeSweets"! Thanks my dear friend for this wonderful recipe.
So if you like this, please refer to her blog ya...^^

Instead of a big loaf, I've made them into small buns.
First, the tuna cheese buns......(never thought my daughter love this so much because she doesn't like tuna at all)...;p

Then, the plain sugar cheese buns. (this is my daughter it's all gone now)...haha!

Last...the plain wheat loaf!

After some egg wash then top with some shredded cheddar cheese.

The texture was super soft!!! Love it so much and I actually got the chance to try only one tuna bun. Why?....because they were all gone!!

Have a peek of the inside of those buns........

The tuna buns............

The sugar cheese buns...........

And the plain loaf.............

I'm making this again tomorrow, so I better go start preparing the starter dough now......(^-^)


Friday, May 4, 2012

Let's Celebrate!!

It's my friend's son's 2nd birthday, and I'm so glad that I have the chance to bake him some cakes!
I actually have this opportunity to bake him birthday cakes since he was lucky I am!!Yes...I've baked him 3 times birthday cakes and I admit only the 2nd and the last one were nice...;p

Here's the 1st one....a Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Cake. A not so nice cake which is alittle dry and the piping...oh was so ugly! When I was doing this I was so frustrated and feel like throwing the cake away...LOL!! Since it was not that nice, so I'm not posting the recipe here.
Anyway the cream was wonderful! I've made this Swiss Meringue Buttercream for the piping which was strongly recomended by dear Wendy (table for 2). Thanks Wendy!!

 Have a look at the was rough and dry..:(
I'll make some changes when I bake this again, and I'll definitely with share the recipe if it's good.

 The 2nd one...some Valrhona Chocolate cupcakes for him to celebrate with his school mates.
Not much decorations, just some fondant animals cut out from my cookie cutters..:)

 These were well received by his teachers and friends!! I'm glad with that..^^

 The 3rd...this was GOOD!! This was made for his actual birthday which we celebrated at his house. Everybody likes it so much and I'm so happy with all the compliments.
It's a Valrhona Chocolate sponge + Plain yogurt sponge cake sandwiched with fresh strawberry cream and a very very simple decoration!

 For the sponges recipe, please refer to my old sponge cakes recipes. I just twist and turn the recipe and added different kind of flavours in it.
I've blended some fresh strawberries and added into the dairy whipping cream for the cake. Then covered the whole cake with the plain whipped cream.

 It was 5 layers and alittle too tall...haha! So the cake was brought to his house without any boxes...;p
Soft sponges with not so sweet texture...yummy!!

 Have a look inside the cake, don't it look soft and fluffy?.....^^
I'll make this again for my daughter coming birthday, hope she won't complain why there's no castle or princess on the cake this year...hehehe!

 I actually wanted to make a nice fondant cake for his 3rd celebration, but my friend said she prefered a simple sponge cake instead. So this cake were made by her request.

Happy Birthday Royden!!


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