Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bread Fever

Hi, are you in a good mood? I am!! And I'm counting down for this weekend's meet up with my dear friend..:) You know who you are...lol! Well well...when you are counting down and waiting for the day to come, it seems to come so slow, but when the days come...it'll be over very fast..;p
That's what they say..happy moments don't last..;p
While counting down my days, I'm trying to make myself busy. That I feel the days past faster..haha! And so I did bake alot this week..lol!
Last weekend I got myself some new books and one of them is 麵包教室 (5'C冰穜的美味). I didn't know that this book is written in mandarine, and I took quite along time reading and understanding it...haha! It's a good book anyway.
Without any hesitation, I try it out as soon as I finish reading. Here's all the bread from the book!

Since I've made quite alot of the starter dough, so here comes all kinds of bread I baked in 1 night! We had a bread feast the next morning...lol!
1st, the chicken floss buns, then red beans buns and lastly a coconut loaf!! All with the same starter dough I prepared...:)

Here's th recipe translated for easy reference...
Recipe for the starter dough:
500g bread flour
325g water
2g instant dry yeast
~ Mix everything in a mixer until a dough form.
~ Then place in an airtight container and let rise for 1 hour. Then transfer the dough into the fridge and chill at 5'C for 20-24 hours.

Recipe for Red Beans & Chicken Floss Buns:
315g bread flour
120g sugar
6g salt
75g eggs (without shells)
18g yeast
105g water
25g honey ( I used golden syrup)
60g butter
400g starter dough
Red bean paste
Chicken floss
~ Mix all ingredients together until an elastic dough form. Let proof for 80 minutes.
~ Separate dough into 90g each and round up. Let proof for another 20 minutes.
~ Wrap in red bean paste and chicken floss into each and let proof double in size (about 30 minutes)
~ Egg wash each buns and bake at 180'C for 12-15 minutes.
~ For the chicken floss buns, rub some butter on the buns while they were still hot and sprinkle some chicken floss on top.
Texture was super duper soft!! They were still soft the next day...:) Well since I still have some starter dough left, I baked another recipe from the book, a coconut loaf. The loaf was great, soft with milky coconut fillings..YUM!!

Opps..the top alittle burn..haha! That have to do with my uneven heat oven...;p
Now, the recipe....
206g bread flour
100g fine sugar
5g salt
15g instant yeast
1 egg
75g fresh milk
50g butter
390g starter dough
**Coconut paste
Method for the bread dough:
~ Mix everything together until an elastic dough form. Let proof for 80 minutes.
~ Cut dough into 225g each (altogether 4), round up and rest for 20 minutes.
~ Flatten each dough and roll up like a swiss roll. and rest for another 20 minutes.
~ Flatten each dough again and spread the coconut fillings. Roll up like a swiss roll and place in a prepared loaf tin (I used 2 tins - 9"x4.5"x4.5"). (2 rolls in a tin)
~ Let rise till almost 90% full of the tin then spread some remaining coconut fillings on top of each loaf.
~ Bake at 160-180'C for 35-40 minutes.
~ Remove bread from tin once ready.
Recipe for the coconut fillings:
4 eggs
180g sugar
40g milk powder
100g butter (melted)
400g grated fresh coconut
~ Mix well all ingredients before adding the grated fresh coconut. (Make sure the milk powder are totally well mix.
~ Then add in grated fresh coconut and mix well, and its ready to use.
Super soft inside with crispy top...super delicious! I'll try to bake all the recipes from this book and that means we'll have lots of bread from now on..haha! It's abit time comsuming but it worth the wait..:) Maybe you can try to have alook at this book at your nearest book store, you may like it too.



  1. Wow, what an assortment of bread you have baked...you can start your own bakery :)

  2. Reese,
    Must knead to window pane stage or just smooth and elastic will be fine?

  3. i love the tear-apart bread photo, it shows how fluffy and well-kneaded the bread is! i recently caught the bread fever as well, still need lotsa practice!

  4. im spoilt with choices and all of it look so yummy! the bread look so soft and fluffy. LOVE IT! (:

  5. I like this type of soft bread especially the coconut one. I never try the starter dough method before. I will do that once the weather get warmer.

  6. ~ Happy Homebaker,
    Thank you...:) I'm not to that standard yet..haha! Still have failure sometimes..;p

    ~ Wendy,
    Yes, till window pane stage. Actually I knead to that for every bread recipes..;)

    ~ Jean,
    Thank you, I need alot practice too! So far this is the best..heehee!

    ~ Gertrude,
    Oh you should try this then, I'm sure you'll like it. Will wait for your bread post..:)

  7. Hey, your this dear friend not very nice ah, always make you wait, lol! I'll go tell her off later okay, heehee! Ohhh I love the soft interior of that coconut loaf! Can eat the whole thing like that, yum yum! Btw, I love your shiny pink nail polish! Very pretty ans sweet...how cone didnt see you pain this kind of color last time? Heehee!

  8. Hey Bee Bee,
    You are the only one notice my nails...haha! 1st time did this la, not bad hehe...;p
    Yeah, the coconut loaf was super soft and deicious but too bad Grace din get a chance to try coz its too late tat night and the next day, gone! heehee!

  9. Yummy! What an assortment!! It's like a mini bakery shop! Do you sell these to your colleagues or neighbours? I love breads too! It must be very fun kneading, rolling and filling them up! :p

  10. Hi Jane, no selling la, but I do share with neighbours...;) Yea, I like to touch the bread dough, loves the texture..heehee..;p



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