Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maple & Raisin Scrolls

Hi all, I've been alittle quiet lately huh..;) Just came home from a short vacation with my hubby, and it was really nice that we let go all things behind for awhile. But leaving my girl behind was quite difficult, and I don't know how much I've spent for my phone bills..haha! Anyway I do had a great time, shopping and hunting for good food!! Well, good to be home and good to work in my kitchen again. Seems like lost my mind for awhile looking for new recipes and when I glance into my to-do-lists...there really alot to bake! Without any hesitation, I just chose a simple one for our breakfast this morning. Warm scrolls for breakfast...yummy! A recipe adapted from Women Weekly Magazine but with quite alot changes...heehee! Recipe: 1/2 cup raisin 1/2 cup almond powder 2 tbsps brown sugar 3 cups self raising flour 30g butter, chopped 1 cup fresh milk ** maple syrup (amount as desire) Method: ~ Preheat oven at 220'C. Lightly greased a 7" round pan and line with parchment paper. ~ In a small bowl mix together sugar, raisins and almond powder. ~ Sift flour into a large bowl and rub in butter with your fingertips. ~ Make a well in the cneter and pour in milk all at once. Using a butter abd bread knife mix quickly into a soft dough. Do not over mix. ~ Turn to a lightly floured surface and knead gently. Roll flat dough into a rectangle and 2cm thick. Sprinkle raisins mixtre and roll up tightly like a swissroll. ~ Cut the log into 8 pieces and place into the prepared pan. ~ Bake at 220'C for 15 minutes. Transfer onto wire rack and top with maple syrup. Hot scrolls right from the oven! I never thought those scrolls taste so yummy though because it was the first time baking. Trust me, you'll love it. The original recipe called for dates and pecans, then top with honey instead. I'll like it this way though and raisins is our favourites instead of dates.
Texture was good. Very crispy outside and soft inside. We can have 3-4 in a go...YUM!

My daughter said the shape looks like cinnamon rolls but taste better..haha! Okay I know that, I think she's trying to tell me she dosen't like cinnamon..;p

Have a nice week ahead!



  1. Reese...mmmm you are making salivate and my baking list is getting longer each day :p Nice one and thanks for sharing the recipe.

  2. Welcome back my friend! It's great that you & Ben get to go on a couple trip, envy envy, heehee! Anyway, you tell me more abut your trip when I see you in May ok? Btw, the scrolls look very comforting, something worth waking up to any day. :)

  3. love them...yours look absolutely tempting..
    first time here..awesome space you have with gorgeous clicks..
    happy to follow u..:)
    do stop by mine sometime..
    Tasty Appetite

  4. Glad that you had a great time with your hubby. It is great to getaway once a while. I bet these scrolls taste and smell great especially with maple syrup and cinnamon. Wish I can have one with my morning coffee now :)

  5. Lovely scrolls. My sons like maple syrup n raisins. Will try on this simple n yet yummy recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sometime is relax when just both of you go to vacation. This bread look so yummy.

  7. Elin,
    Thanks and you are most welcome. My list lso getting longer each day..;p

    Bee Bee,
    No envy are going to have a short break this April..heehee! Sure, can't wait to see you in May..:)

    You are most welcome, and thank you..:) Will do so..:D

  8. Gertrude,
    Yeah, I did had a great time and shopped like crazy..LOL! How I wish that I can share with you too..:)

    Vivian Pang,
    You are most welcome, and I bet your son will love this!!

    Thanks!! Yeah, I had a great time!!

  9. Hi Reese,
    I have an award for you. Please collect it from my blog:

  10. Reese, it is very important to take time out from our kids to just spend time with each other. Just the two of you. You made another wonderful bake there. How about listening to you playing the piano while having a piece of the delicious looking scrolls with a cup of fragrant coffee? Perhaps this is one way to spend time together one weekend with your hubby?

  11. Hi Veron,
    Yeah, with just the 2 of us was great, but somehow I still miss my girl so much ...haha! Guess I have to do it more often..;p
    Well about the piano, he dooesn't really know what I'm playing all the time, and said classical music bored him...haha!



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