Monday, June 28, 2010

My very first fondant figurine

This is the very first fondant figurine I made. It took me quite some time to mould this "little Princess" but I'm quite happy with it. (At least I got the figure right..;p) Okay, its not really an order or what, its just that my very good friend (my old old buddies from primary school) has asked for helping to bake some cupcakes for her little girl who is celebrating her 5th birthday tomorrow in her school.

"A Princess" ........that's what the little girl requested. And I took this opportunity to try what I've been longing to ..;D

I know I still need alot practice on that. Hopefully I can get to make a better one the next time..;p And of course more in a time..haha!

Happy Birthday Jocelyn....;)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

Its my hubby's birthday today. My girl and me gave him a surprise this morning while he was still in sleeping..;p We lighted the candles and brought the cake into the bedroom then sang the happy birthday song to wake him..haha! "SURPRISE"!! He was even more surprise when our daughter played the happy birthday song to him on her violin while he eating his cake..;)
(he must be very happy, at least he knows that all the fees he paid are worth for..haha!)

Okay back to the cake, because of the limited time, I just made a very simple cake for him. Not much decorations needed, and yet it taste real good. A recipe adapted from Kevin Chai's My Birthday Cake. Somehow I did some changes on the sponge here.

So what do you think?

Lemon Yoghurt Cake from Kevin Chai, with my own sponge...
250g Sponge mix
5 eggs
1/2tsp lemon paste
45ml lemon juice
80ml water
100ml oil

Yoghurt Cream:
175g Fresh cream (whipped)
300g Yoghurt
30g Lemon paste

Some cocoa powder, chocolate rice (i used choc crunchy pearls) and choc curls.

~ Beat all the sponge ingredients (except oil) for 10 minutes on high speed.
~ Add in oil and mix well, then bake at 180'C for 30 mins.
~ To make yoghurt cream, stir yoghurt and lemon paste into whipped cream and mix well.
~ Slice cake into 3 or 4 layers and spread yoghurt cream on to cake and sandwich the layers.
~ Pare the edge of the cake to form a semi-circular shape.
~ Cover the whole cake with remaining cream. (I just cover the cake with fresh cream) And use a palatte knife to lift up cream to make peaks.
~ Sides with choc rice and dust with cocoa powder and decorate with some choc curls on the top.

The cake is so soft and the lemon taste was superb and so refreshing. Just simply delicious!

It might works with mango if you find lemon is too sour, or any other fruits too.

Happy Birthday Dear...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Very Moist Choc Cup Cake

Its Thursday, time flies! I find that when I'm busy, it seems like 24 hours a day is not enough.
This week is my busiest week of the month, going office every morning as usual, having classes to attend, helping friends to bake some cakes, my hubby's birthday and my parents are coming down this weekend. Haven't thought of any cake to bake for "him" and I hope I can come out with something he really likes..;p

Here's a recipe which I'll like to share, a very Moist Choc Cake which my youngest sister gave me. Its rich and soft, and I've used it for my project this week. Project? must be wondering..haha! Well, it was a friend's baby's fullmoon, and she has asked me to help make some fullmoon package to give out her relatives. Never thought it was so time consuming..;p Anyway, a promise is a promise, take it a good experience I told myself.;)

This was the Choc Cup Cake I mentioned. Get the recipe here. I just added 1/4 tsp of baking powder into the recipe. Like it more fluffy texture..heehee..;D

Show you some pictures about the package..;)

Like the ribbons...Oooo, I love it! Got it from Singapore when I went visit in March. I even got the blue ones for baby boys..heehee..;D
Got to stop here, and I hope to post some very yummy kueh or cakes next round. Have a nice weekend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Orange Mint Juice / Kahlua Chiffon cake

This is the very first juice recipe in my blog. Its nothing special about the ingredients here but its really good to cure sore throat. I had a really bad bad bad sore throat last few weeks, I've tried all kinds of throat medicines, honey..etc etc. But nothing helps..:( Then it just happened when we visited my sister-in-law, she made this for me. Said its good for sore throat. Guess what?! After a glass of it, my throat feel better and it even recovered the other day..:)
Then to prove it really works, I made myself a glass last 2 days when I felt a slight pain in my throat. It works!!! And that is why I really wanted to share this juice with you..;)

You just need....2 oranges (room temperature), 3-4 petals of mint ( I used applemint), and 1 tsp of honey. Blend the oranges and mint together for juice, add in honey and mix well, and drink once ready.

And before I end this post, I'll like to share another chiffon cake with you.
I just feel like eating chiffon almost most of the time..;p Well, since I wanted to eat so much, I just check out the ingredients in my kitchen, especially eggs...heehee. Okay, there were only 6 eggs in my fridge, and its just nice for a chiffon..;p (Its meant for my chiffon)..haha!

My very own version,
6 eggs white
120g sugar
1/2 tsp cream of tartar

6 egg yolks
90g sugar
1/2 tsp Kahlua / coffee essence
2 tbsps coffee (coffee powder melted in hot water)
100ml milk
140g Self raising flour

The method is the same as the other old posts. You can refer here.

Notice there is no oil here. Yup! I avoid that. And the texture is still soft..:)


Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Dinner & Light Dessert

Another celebration..;) Went back to my hometown yesterday for dinner at my inlaws place. Its to celebrate the "Dragon Boat Festival" (端午节), which falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. That will be coming Wednesday. We celebrate it earlier because its kind of difficult for us to leave town on weekdays due to my husband's work.
Okay, since we have to celebrate, and I can't help on the cooking part, so I've made some cooling fresh dessert. Here's come "my version" of agar-agar..haha! Its kind of last minute that my hubby decided to have something cooling after dinner, so I just take out whatever I have in the cupboard and fridge. Found a can of fruit punch and some lemons, so here it goes....;p

Lemon Fruit Punch Jelly..;)

Here's the recipe,
25g agar-agar powder
850ml water
200g sugar
1 can of Fruit Punch
1 lemon, extract juice

~ Drained the can of fruit punch, reserve the juice and set aside.
~ Add in water into the reserve juice (from the fruit punch) until 850ml
~ Pour all ingredients into a pot (except the fruit punch) and bring to boil.
~ Remove from heat and add in fruit punch.
~ Stir well, and pour into moulds. Cool and chill before serve.

Easy right, and it taste good too. Hope you like it..:)

And before I end, I'll like to share with you the dishes we had during dinner........

Mix vege and Pork ribs curry.............

my MIL's famous meat balls............

famous Ginger Duck Stew too.............

Big Big tomato prawns.......................and also soup and steam fish, which already half gone before I get my camera ready..haha!

All these were prepared by my MIL alone...she's really a "superwoman" in her early 70s. All so yummy, and most of us can't really move after the dinner....too full to do anything!!...;p
She even did the dumplings (粽子 / bah-zang) the day before, and I took 10 home..;)
Wish I have the passion until her age..;p

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy Celebrations!!

Hey there, there are few photos I'll like to share with you here. Never thought that I have such opportunity to make some cupcakes for a dear friend's newborn baby boy and her daughter's birthday. I was thinking for these cupcakes (baby) for quite some time already. (what & how to decorate the cakes) Well, after some research and guide from friends, I did it!!...^-^

I'm very happy with my work eventhough its not "perfect"...(thick skin)..haha!

Here's the baby boy's cupcakes. Blueberry cupcakes with fondant & gum paste decorations..:)
The recipe for the blueberry cupcakes is here.

Aren't they cute?!...heehee...I personally like the laying baby and cradles..:)

Here comes the "Garden" for the birthday girl..:) Well, kind of simple but I think they were just nice with not too much buttercream on them.

Yup! Its Chocolate Chips cupcakes, for the recipe please click here..:) Instead of melted chocolate, I used cocoa powder and chocolate chips this time.

Ooo...I love the little birdie here......its just as small as my tips of my baby finger..;)

Butterflies & flowers are a must in the garden, but they were just too simple..;p
Hope everyone will enjoy their cupcakes this evening..:)

Happy weekend!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Simple Turn Over Apple Cake

Hey there, I'm back for bakings again, after the few days of sore throat, I finally can eat those cakes and cookies..haha! Made an apple cake to pamper myself..heehee.

An Apple cake, very simple recipe adapted from a Taiwanese chef which I've kept for a long long time too. This is not the 1st time I bake this but it seems I've forgotten how long I have to cook the caramel......

Well, as you can see here, the cake looks abit burn on top..*sigh*. Luckily it still taste ok..;p
That's the caramel that suppose to look yellowish ..:(

Will make note here, so that I won't forget next time...;p

1 or 2 apples, thinly sliced
1/4 cup sugar, melted becomes caramel (turn off the fire right after the caramel turn yellowish)

~ Pour caramel onto the cake pan ( I used and 8" ring pan) and arranged the sliced apples on the caramel. Set aside.

Ingredients for batter:
1 finely chopped apple
4 eggs
200g butter
130g sugar (has been reduced)
180g Plain flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
50g milk

~ Cream butter and sugar till light and fluffy
~ Add in eggs one at a time
~ Slowly fold in flour and milk alternately, and ends with flour.
~ Mix in chopped apples and pour batter onto the cake pan with arranged caramel & sliced apples at the bottom.
~ Bake at 170'C for 40-45 minutes.
~ Over turn and remove the cake once done.

Serve the cake warm or cold as your wish. I always keep half of it in the fridge and half outside..heehee! I just like both! Hope you like it too..:)


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthday projects

There are so many friends' birthdays that falls in May. I had been baking and baking for birthday girls and boys the whole week! 1st my girl, then my father, then cousins and friends..;)
Here's some photos which I like to share with you.

This is a princess crown for my good friend's daughter. She turns 6 today which is a week after my girl. They both love princess and all "sweet" things and especially PINK! haha!
Here's a gift for her and hope she likes it as much as I do..:)


Another one is for a 2 year old birthday girl whose mother I know very well too. She wanted to celebrate in her school, which means the kids are all 2 years old like her. So mini cupcakes with adorable decorations are just nice for her..:)

There's no theme for this but I'm trying my best to decorate with her favourite bears. (which I can only moulded 6)..;p
I like the bees and ladybugs, most of all its easy for me..haha!

All are choc cakes which is not too sweet and its just nice to eat with the icing..:) Recipe will be post in the next post..;)



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