Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Dinner & Light Dessert

Another celebration..;) Went back to my hometown yesterday for dinner at my inlaws place. Its to celebrate the "Dragon Boat Festival" (端午节), which falls on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. That will be coming Wednesday. We celebrate it earlier because its kind of difficult for us to leave town on weekdays due to my husband's work.
Okay, since we have to celebrate, and I can't help on the cooking part, so I've made some cooling fresh dessert. Here's come "my version" of agar-agar..haha! Its kind of last minute that my hubby decided to have something cooling after dinner, so I just take out whatever I have in the cupboard and fridge. Found a can of fruit punch and some lemons, so here it goes....;p

Lemon Fruit Punch Jelly..;)

Here's the recipe,
25g agar-agar powder
850ml water
200g sugar
1 can of Fruit Punch
1 lemon, extract juice

~ Drained the can of fruit punch, reserve the juice and set aside.
~ Add in water into the reserve juice (from the fruit punch) until 850ml
~ Pour all ingredients into a pot (except the fruit punch) and bring to boil.
~ Remove from heat and add in fruit punch.
~ Stir well, and pour into moulds. Cool and chill before serve.

Easy right, and it taste good too. Hope you like it..:)

And before I end, I'll like to share with you the dishes we had during dinner........

Mix vege and Pork ribs curry.............

my MIL's famous meat balls............

famous Ginger Duck Stew too.............

Big Big tomato prawns.......................and also soup and steam fish, which already half gone before I get my camera ready..haha!

All these were prepared by my MIL alone...she's really a "superwoman" in her early 70s. All so yummy, and most of us can't really move after the dinner....too full to do anything!!...;p
She even did the dumplings (粽子 / bah-zang) the day before, and I took 10 home..;)
Wish I have the passion until her age..;p


  1. All dishes look "Ho Chiak", wish I can taste some, yummy!

  2. Oh, you will have the passion..

    Believe in yourself.

  3. ~Sonia, all the dishes were really yummilicious..:)

    ~Wendy, thank you ..;)

  4. Looks like such a delicious meal, I would be too full to move too if I were there:D

  5. Yeah Jeannie, worry about gaining weight after that..haha!

  6. So glad that you had a great time with your family. :) Looking forward to our gathering this weekend too. :)

  7. Yeah, Bee Bee...can't wait to see you..;)

  8. WOW! Very good foods! May be feel hungry :P I believe that after all the delicious food, the jelly would be a great dessert as it looks so refreshing!

  9. Wow!!! All the dishes!! 大魚大肉!!Haha! Hey, your jelly looks so colorful! Actually, it's nice not to have heavy dessert after such a hefty meal ... Guess you and your hubby made the right decision! Happy Dragon Boat Festival!端午節快樂!!

    Btw, I'm gonna call you up regarding this weekend's meet-up with you and Bee Bee. OK? I need to figure out my transportation and whatnot since it's gonna be at The Curve AGAIN!! Hahaha! Not my area leh ...

  10. Your dinner is very sumptuous!



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