Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spiral Flaky Crust Mooncakes

Mooncake time!! I was so excited since this morning cause my very dear fren, BB is coming to teach me make this mooncakes...:) Although those with redbean paste doesn't come out nicely, but i'm happy enough that i know how to make the crust. Thank you so much, BB!, those with lotus paste are so so so nice!
I will definetely try to make again very soon...haha!

Can't wait to let my hubby see and try these yummy mooncakes,.....he's working late again today...haiz....:( Guess i got to wait till next morning.

I'm not posting the ingredients and method here, cause this is not from me. For the details, my very dear dear frens out there, please go view my fren's blog @ honeybeesweets....

1 comment:

  1. No need to thank me! I enjoyed baking with you very much too, so call me any time when you need an extra pair of hands. ;)



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