Friday, April 2, 2010

Chocolate Marble Cheese Cake

Do you like cheesecake? I love it...:) It has been my pleasure to make a cake for my dear friend, Bee Bee. She has come visit us again...YEAH!! We really miss her alot since she left last December. And I've lost a great baking companion since then...;p So glad that I can bake something for her today...:) Although the outlook is not what I expected (alittle overbaked on the top), but the inside still can be excepted. Hee hee...pai-seh larr!

We actually had an expensive dinner before we had our dessert. What I mean expensive is really over charged. Just imagine we spent almost RM200 at the restaurant just serving chicken rice and some normal dishes. The food, hmm....can be excepted but not the price.

Anyway, after the dinner we head to the nearest A&W to have our dessert. Yup! My cake...haha! Luckily nobody complain that we brought our own food to serve there. We did order some rootbeer and fries for the kids though...^-^ A very nice chat at a very nice place...:)

Here's the recipe for you....

120g crushed Digestive biscuits
120g melted butter

1 kg cream cheese
4 small eggs
1 lemon rind (grated)
70g plain flour
280g sugar
100 double cream (lightly whipped)
1 tbsp lemon juice
20g melted chocolate

~ Preheat the oven at 150'C with a tray of water.
~ Mix (A) together into a 9" round loose base pan which wrapped with aluminium foil outside. Keep aside.
~ Cream cheese and sugar together until light, slowly add in eggs.
~ Then add in lemon rind and juice and mix well.
~ Finally add in double cream and flour.
~ Spoon out 3-4 tbsps (or more) to mix with the melted chocolate.
~ Pour the plain cheese batter into the pan with (A) at the bottom. Then top with the chocolate cheese batter. Use a chopstick to make a marble effect.
~ Bake at 150'C for 2 hours over a tray of water.
~ When baked, chill and demould.

Chocolate with cheese, a lovely combination. Agree? And goes with a cup of coffee. haha! Yea, I actually ordered a cup just now...;p

Hope everyone like it............Cheers!


  1. Beautiful cheesecake....always my favourite. Thanks for sharing. MaryMoh at

  2. Wow Reese, it's so nice to bake for someone dear to you! Btw, the cheesecake doesn't really looked marbled to me. :p Looks more like 2 layers cheesecake? Looks nice this way to me though! ;)

  3. Hi Mary,
    Thanks for dropping by..:)

    You are right, it looks more like 2 layers cake..haha! It was suppose to be marble, but I guess I add too much chocolate or I didn't swirl properly to get the effect..;p And also the top was overbaked..*sigh*..that's why can't see anything..:(

  4. Bee Bee must be very happy to have this lovely cake from you.

  5. Reese, looks sinful... Bee Bee, I'm so jealous of you now :(

  6. Dear Sonia & Quinn,
    When will we meet again? I'm sure to bake something for you ladies then..:) But don't mind my not-so-expert-bakes....hee hee...;p

  7. A cheesecake like this makes the perfect dessert, especially in the company of a good friend!

    p/s wah, where did you go for rm200 chicken rice meal? must tell me so that i don't go there next time ;)

  8. Thanks Joslynn,
    The dinner....expensive horr!! Its near the place I stay, anyway lets not post it here..;p

  9. Chocolate and cheese. Always a lovely combination indeed.

  10. Thanks Ellie, not to forget my coffee too..haha!

  11. Thanks sooooo much dear Reese for the lovely cake! The cake was really good...serious! I just wished we didn't eat so much during dinner (RM200!), else I would have second servings !. ;) So sorry I'm so late on the comments, was tight up with some stuff. :P I am indeed very lucky to have a good friend like you to bake something for me! *hugs*

  12. No problem Bee Bee, I know you are real busy right now..:) Hope you'll settle down everything soon..:)

  13. Very nice , can I add more chocolate ?

    1. hi Shawn rayment,
      Yes, you may but not too much, you may not taste the cheese. Anyways it depends to individual.

    2. hi Shawn rayment,
      Yes, you may but not too much, you may not taste the cheese. Anyways it depends to individual.



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