Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Awards

Oh my, I was so surprise when Elin of Elinluv's corner had given me this award.
So HAPPY to receive it and thank you so much Elin, for this award. I'm speechless..:)
There are a few very important things to do in order to accept the award:
1. Thank and link the person who sent the award.
2. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers.
3. Contact said blogs to let them know they've won
4. State 7 things about yourself.
About me....
~ Love to eat, whenever there's good food, she'll be there.
~ Baking and cooking is her hobby whenever she's free, her kitchen is her heaven.
~ Shopping!! Never miss this too. Love to shop for recipe books, can always get a book just for 1 recipe..:)
~ Listen and teaching music, that's my 2nd hobby. Love classical music alot.
~ Knitting (crotchets). Like to knit for friends as gifts. Table cloth, runner, kitchen ware tops...:)
~ this. Whenver I'm free, my girl and me will be doing some craft works then paint it and hang it on our wall.
~ And the last but not least, coffee! Again its about food, haha! I can't leave without coffee..;p
Whom to share??
1. Sonia of Nasi lemak Lover
2. Swee San of The Sweet Spot
3. Starhealer of Next food Stop
6. Tan Wiratchada of Tan-Kitchen
7. Janice of Littlekitchen
8. Lily Ng of Lily's Wai Sek Hong
9. Happy Flour of Happy Flour
10. Elyse of Belle of the Bakery
11. Rosie of Baking Cakes Galore
12. Risa of Baked Perfection
13. Ellie of Almost Bourdain
14. Hug Bear of Baking Mum
15. Smallsmallbake of Small Small Baker.
Thanks again Elin for this beautiful award.


  1. Thanks dear for this award. Can I just collect it by not writing all things, busy lar, hehehe..

  2. Hi Sonia,
    I'm not sure leh, guess you can add in when you free...:)

  3. Hi Reese,
    Thanks very much for this award! Will try to pass it on. :p

  4. i am very sorry but i do not do awards, thanks anyway, i do appreciate that you thought of me.

  5. haha, i just left this award for you too. it's ok, no need to re-mention it. just letting you know, that's all. it's been going around :)

  6. Hi Joslynn,
    Yea, I get to know its going around, anyway thanks and I appreciate that you thought of me..:)

  7. Feel a bit guilty of not posting lately. Thanks for remembering me and for the award!

  8. Hi SSB,
    I like your blog. All the pictures and recipes are wonderful..:)

  9. Hi Reese, Thank you for passing on the award! BTW, my name is Ellie (not Elline). Cheers :)

  10. Opps! Sorry Ellie..:) Mistake corrected!



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