Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Snack

Have been craving for kuehs lately. Guess I've gain some weight these few days..hee hee..;p
Well what's new today? Nope, its just the kueh koci I've posted sometime ago. But I've used some "Bunga Telang" from a friend which I've treasured it for quite sometime. Thanks alot Sonia for the flowers...:)

Okay what I've done to the kueh? I've pound some bunga telang then mix with some water and strain to get the blue colouring. The colour looks really blue and lovely. Somehow, the result was not what I expected..;p Guess I have to used potatoes instead of pumpkins..:)

See what I mean, then beautiful blue has become greenish when mix with the pumpkin..*sigh*.
Texture still good but the outlook is abit weird i guess..haha! Anyway all are natural colours..:)

Here's the dough before wrapping.....

Get the recipe from my old post if you are interested.

Eventhough the shape and colour are not so attractive, but the filling was superlicious..:) Juicy coconut with the fragnant of gula melaka....yummy!

Happy Baking!


  1. Haha Reese, it's Bunga Telang or 'Blue Pea' flower! Looks like the marbling effect on my grandma's jade!

  2. hee hee Quinn,
    Is it bunga telang or bunga talam? But I search my nyonya book, it stated bunga talam wo....@_@". Anyway....:)

  3. Interesting yea the bunga telang turns green after you steamed it. Doesn't matter if it is green or blue I am sure it tasted great. I have yet to use the bunga telang that Sonia gave me :)

  4. Hey Gertrude,
    I still have some left in my cupboard..:) I'll keep the rest as souvenir..hee hee! Any idea how long can I keep it?

  5. Heehee...real interesting color I have to say. :) But since I have tasted your kueh koci before, I have no doubt that these taste really good! Ai ya, you make so early...should have make it on Thursday then I get to eat them mah, hahaha...

  6. I like the marble effect, nice! And looks so yummy too!

  7. Bee Bee,
    I'll make something for you this Thursday ...hee hee..;p

    Blessed Homemaker,
    Thanks! Its just I expected to see blue instead..haha!

  8. Hahaha, after the mixed of colours, your kuih still look good with jade colour..

  9. Sonia,
    Hee hee! Pai-seh la....thanks for compliment..:)

  10. I fall in love with this! The color make me feel wanna try them. The marble effect looks very pretty. Thanks for sharing! This is really good one!

  11. Hi Reese,
    The colour looks great! It's so shiny and cute. I don't know what this is, but judging from the ingredients used, I'm sure it taste great! Coconut & gula melaka fillings, how wrong can it get? Never! Haha... :)

  12. Hi Grace,
    Yes, the kueh was really delicious. With the chewy pastry and juicy coconut fillings..who can resist..:)

    Hey Jane,
    Its those kueh koci which suppose to be wrap with banan leaves. But somehow I just couldn't get to warp the kueh properly..;p So I just steamed them on the banana leaves instead..haha!

  13. Hi Reese,

    Wa...looking at them makes my mouth waters la :)) great kueh koci. You have a great blog and thanks for sharing nice such great recipes here.
    I have a gift award for you , pls drop by and collect them at your convenience.

  14. They are big and round and so much filling! I like!

  15. WOW Elin,
    Thanks so much for the beautiful award..:) I'm speechless....LOVE IT!!

  16. Hi tigerfish,
    Its not really that big..haha! Its just slightly bigger than a fish ball. I used close-up to take the picture..;p
    But indeed, its full of fillings...:)



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