Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bak-Gut-Teh and Sweet Barley Ginko Dessert

It has been a long time since I have this dish, Bak-Gut-Teh. It is one of my favourite since 3-4 years ago. I remember I don't like the smell of the soup when my mother used to cook and I felt dizzy when the herbs aroma filled the house. Then one day when my husband (used to be his favourite all times) brought us to Klang for this Bak-Gut-Teh (very famous one), and I suddenly felt in love with it..haha! I just don't know why...;p After that, I've tried almost all stalls near my area...hee hee!

Here's the one I cooked myself for dinner today. The mixture was a gift from a blogger friend, Sonia, when we met last week. I've been longing to cook this since I got it. And here is it!! When the scent of the soup filled my house, this time I really love it! haha! Its so delicious and I wonder whether I can get it from the supermarket nearby. Anyway, I'll go look for it!
Thanks alot Sonia, I really love it.

Yummy yummy! Finished the whole pot in 20 minutes!....:) Will cook again next week since I've got 2 packs of the mixture., hee hee!


Another is the dessert. My favourite one too. Bought a very fresh soy milk (without sugar) from a stall nearby my office yesterday. The milk was so smooth and fresh, and I think this is good for this "Barley Ginko Soup".

Hmm..........really enjoy my dinner today. Just one thing that worries me....how am I going to lose my fat tummy weight? Hahaha!


  1. You are like me, good food come first, big tummy later, Hahaha ! Let me know if you need more BKT herb pack, or you try to look in pasar or Chinese Herbs shop, you might find it.

  2. Thanks Sonia,
    I'll go look for the pack..:) If I really cannot find, then I'll look for you! hahaha!
    Thanks again..;)

  3. Wah woman, you very fast yeh! I still abit "不舍得“ to use the Bat Kut Teh pack, hahaha! Your pot of soup looks really yummy! Looks like I have to cook a pot too soon! Your Gingko nut desert how come no recipe leh? I also want to try...but I can only cook myself...so show me the recipe! *heehee*

  4. Hi Bee Bee,
    Ya lorr...can't wait la. Luckily still got 1 more pack! hee hee..;p
    Aiyo, the recipe a! My husband larr, said this is so comment ask me not to post...haha! Will email you later...;)

  5. Wah, you cook it already huh. Yumm yummm!! Looks so good, now I can't wait to cook it too. Sure can finish 2 bowls of rice with this b.k.t soup!

  6. We already exhausted one of the two BKT mix! Wasn't it good? My father was begging for the answer to this, "Where on earth can we buy this mix!!??" LOL!

    That tong sui is one of my faves, too! Yours looks very good! So, you let the bean curd sheets fully dissolve in the soup? Because I don't ... mine is around 85% dissolved.

  7. Hi,

    @ Joslynn, when comes to FOOD, I just can't wait..hee hee! (very "wei-sik" in cantonese)..;p

    @ Pei-Lin, me too has the same question! I'll go look for it! hahaha!
    The "tong-sui" ho...actually the bean curd just melted in 5 minutes. Maybe the one I bought is mend for the tong-sui cause I know there are few kinds in the market.

  8. wow looks good! my family has never cooked bkt at home cause we have 3 bkt shops near our house so we just go tah pau.. hehehe.. maybe i'll try one day

  9. Hey Swee San...you must try this! Really good.;)

  10. I can't wait to try the BKT out. It will be great with the super cold weather there. Since you said it is good I am to go looking for it and bring some back.

  11. Hi Gertrude,
    Its really good. I'm looking for it too...:)

  12. Wah.. I wana tray my bak kut teh out too. you just reminded me to.. I would make sure to buy lots of tau fu pok and you tiao.. can't have bak kut teh without them! and the dessert looks so milky! I wonder how they make it look so milky..

  13. Hi Tracie,
    Yeah, the BKT really taste good..:) But too bad that I can't find any "you tiao" that day, and I forgot to buy "taufu pok" too...:(
    Will jot down those for my next pot..;p
    The 'tong sui' looks milky, yea. I used soy milk that's why. Just alittle water to boil and soften the barley then add in soy milk..:)



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