Monday, June 1, 2009

Stew Rose Wine Pork

Its my girl's birthday.....and we are having a party for her. Well...of course i'll be cooking...hee hee! It really crack my head while planning the menu...luckily my mum was here to help. We had about 10 dishes on that day.....:P
This yummy and juicy stew pork was my new dish, i mean it was the first time cooking, which was from my mum. We stew it the night before, so that the pork will gave a strong taste of the seasoning. Its so easy, that i definetely will cook it again. See the ingredients, then you'll know..:)

Wash everything and cook together.......
While whole kitchen was filled with the yummy aroma........:)

These were the 'paus' that we'll serve our guests with the stew pork...
The recipe i used here was from the 'vege paus' i made before....only its empty inside.

1 kg Pork Belly (Sliced about 1/2" thick and 2" width)
3 (whole) Black / toasted Garlic (can get these garlic from any grocerries store)-Cleaned & halved
1 tbsp Sugar
1 tbsp Oyster Sauce
2 tbsps Rose Wine
Dark soy sauce & Light soy taste
Water about 1/2-1 cup
~ Heat 2 tbsps oil & panfry the garlic until fragnant
~ Add in pork slices and continue to panfry until the oil pork oozed out from pork
~ Add in wine and mix well
~ Then add in all other seasoning and mix well
~ After stir and mix for about 1-2 mins, add in water and bring to boil
**(Water should add until cover the not add too much)
~ When its boiling, turn to medium heat and continue to stew for about 30 mins (lid covered)
~ Then turn to low heat and continue to stew for another 30 mins or until meat tender and the sauce thicken, & serve.
** If it's not salty enough, can add alittle salt or light soy sauce
** Serve with steam buns (pau) or with white (steam) rice.


  1. This is one of those recipe that I MUST learn! Looks so yummy! But, looking at the recipe I know I already need advice from u...must teach me when I want to make this next time ok?

  2. Yeah BeeBee, sure sure. When u want to make this, juz let me know...i'll get the ingredients for u! There's no hard work here...hee hee! C u!



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