Sunday, November 8, 2009

Roasted pork / Assorted Cheese Tarts

It has been 3 weeks since we last visit my in-laws in Seremban. They are always very happy when we said we'll be back..:) My mother-in-law will always prepare soup for us and not to forget 'gifts' for my little girl. That is why whenever we told my girl that we'll be visiting grandma....she'll be very excited!! Excited on the gifts actually...haha!
So this time i made something which is their favourite..."Roasted Pork".....YUMMY!
Got this recipe from my mum again, that she highly recommended. Never thought it was a success and its so simple and yummy...:) Thanks Mummy!!

The skin was so crispy even after few hours. The juicy meat was so tender and soft....mmm..its great! Of course i'm going to share this recipe with make sure you'll try it soon..;p

1kg Pork Belly with Skin ( width 3" at least)

~ Washed and tapped dry the pork. Cut slightly about 2 cm at the bottom (meat part).

Ingredients for marinate:
1-2 tsps Salt
1 tbsp Chinese wine
2 tps Five spice powder

~ Mix all the ingredients together and stir well.
~ Rub the marinate sauce all over the pork except the top skin.
~ Chill the marinated pork at least 2 days without wrapping, so that the pork's skin will dry completely.

Method for roasting:
~ Preheat oven at 250'C.
~ Place pork on tray and cover the skin fully with Coarse Sea Salt.
~ Roast for 25 mins at 250'C. Take out the pork and removed the salt completely.
~ Roast 2nd time at 250'C for another 25 mins until the top turns brown and crispy.
~ Slice and serve.

Assorted Cheese Tarts

These was made for my girl and her friends last 2 days. Since i have those jams left in my fridge, so i decided to use up for those tarts instead.
These were from my old post, only different was those jam used. Actually the cheese tarts taste good even without any jam...:) Hope the kids will like it!!


  1. Thanks so much for the mini cheese tarts! So colourful and yummy. ;) It's too bad we can't get to taste your mum's roast pork hungry just by looking at it!

  2. Welcome BB..:)
    About the limited pork...hee hee..;p I'll make again next week for you ladies to try..:)



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