Friday, November 18, 2011

White Wine Cheese Cake

A special cheese cake for a special friend!! This was bake a day before the celebration, and I has been cracking my head for what cake to bake for my dear friend for her early birthday celebration. Then she requested a cake with alcohol...hmm, tiramisu? No no...not again! Then when I was searching through my recipe books, this cake just came to my mind! Yes!! a wine cake!!
I've baked this cake more than a decades ago for my dear vocal teacher, which I remembered that his comment was "GOOD"!!! So I've decided to bake this for the birthday gal...:)

Got a good quality white wine from the store nearby and got some fresh rapsberries for decoration. Well, not much decoration here, and I don't think a rich wine cheese cake will go well with cream or chocolate. So, lets just made it simple!

This recipe was actually founded from the web long time ago. (really more than a decade)
Here comes the recipe....

200g digestive biscuits
100g butter (melted)

~ Wrapped the 9" round ring pan with aluminium foil.
~ Crushed the biscuits and mix well with melted butter and press it formly onto a 9" round ring pan.
~ Leave it aside while prepare the cheese fillings.

500g cream cheese
2 eggs
90g sugar
2/3 cup plain yogurt
1&1/3 cup white wine (get the best one)
2 tbsps cake flour

~ Cream the cheese and sugar till light.
~ Add in eggs one at a time. Blend well.
~ Add in yougurt and wine and mix well then fold in the flour.
~ Pour into prepared tin with the biscuits base.
~ Bake at 170'C for 60-65 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool before chilling in the fridge overnight.
~ Remove from pan and decorate as desire.

The texture was really rich and if you like wine, this is the recipe you must try. Trust me, you'll love it!! So what are you waiting for, this is best to serve during X'mas gatherings after your turkey meals...hehe!



  1. WOW! This cheesecake with wine must be very very yummy! Can I order? ;DD

  2. Oh who is the lucky birthday gal? Interesting wine cheesecake....trying to imagine the taste. Must be pretty intense ya? Since you added 1 & 1/3 cup of it ! You know what's best? Serve this cheesecake with a glass of wine! Lol! I might knock out after that, hahaha!

  3. Ann,
    I'll like to share with you with a glass of wine if you are here...hehe!

    Bee Bee,
    It was for our dear friend, Grace lo...early celebration with her. Did you check out my latest post in fb? We had a great time at a great place...hehe! Waiting for you this Dec!!!

  4. Ah........ luckily u jotted it down.
    The recipe's extinct in the web now.
    Is the outcome this time as goood as 10 yrs ago?

  5. Wendy,
    Ya wo...really cannot find now ho...hehe! The outcome a, I can't really remember how was the 10 years ago one, but yesterday one was good, and all of us like it!!

  6. Good information about wine.This cheesecake with wine must be very very good.

  7. lovely cheesecake you got there, was thinking of doing one for my cousin's bday this Friday.

    Is it possible to half the recipe and baked it in a smaller tin? prolly abt 5"?
    Really appreciate your help :D


  8. Hi Gene,
    Yes you can always half the portion, but this cake is not that big though. Even I've used a 9" pan, the cake was quite flat as you can see. Just remember don't make the cake too thick or else its quite difficult to cook through and it'll burn the top!
    Happy Baking..:)

  9. this is a good recipe. where do you get your wine? i get wine from

  10. Hi Valerie,
    I bought the white wine from the wine shop nearby my house only...any type or brand will do but it'll be the best if you can get the answeeten one. Happy baking!

  11. Hi, do your think I can use red white instead?

    1. Hi Nicole,,
      I think no, coz the taste of red wine is alittle to strong to go with the cheese.



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