Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Clapypot Yee-Mee 瓦煲伊面

Made this simple mini claypot braised yee mee for dinner pass few days, somthing I havent cooked before..:p I don't cook with claypot much..and since I've got this mini claypot from Daiso the other day so I figured I might as well put it to good use. 
You can find yee mee (crispy noodle cakes) at Asian supermarkets and they are usually made in Malaysia. You don't really need a claypot for it although it would probably taste more authentic, apart from keeping the noodles hot. And this is how they usually serve in most of the restaurant here.

I've used  simple chicken stock for the soup base and some fish balls and seafood taufu. You can always use a mixture of meat or anything you desire to suit you taste buds.

5 shallots, diced
few garlic, diced
a little cooking oil
1.5L chicken stock (for 2 small claypot)
Bok choy leaves, blanced and drained
fish balls
seafood taufu
any green vegetablas
white pepper
2 large eggs

Spring onions (which I didn't use)

~ Stir fried the haloots and garlic till fragrant and add in the chicken stock to boil.
~ Add in those bak choy, seafood taufu and fish balls and bring to boil.
~ Add n the yee mee in each pot and bring to boil at low heat.
~ When the hot soup is boiling, immediately crack and egg and add in the greens.
~ Let the egg cook slowly till set.

I've present the mee right from the stove onto the table as those restaurants did...and "Yummy" was the feedback from my family..^^



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