Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Honey

Its my hubby's birthday today. My girl and me gave him a surprise this morning while he was still in sleeping..;p We lighted the candles and brought the cake into the bedroom then sang the happy birthday song to wake him..haha! "SURPRISE"!! He was even more surprise when our daughter played the happy birthday song to him on her violin while he eating his cake..;)
(he must be very happy, at least he knows that all the fees he paid are worth for..haha!)

Okay back to the cake, because of the limited time, I just made a very simple cake for him. Not much decorations needed, and yet it taste real good. A recipe adapted from Kevin Chai's My Birthday Cake. Somehow I did some changes on the sponge here.

So what do you think?

Lemon Yoghurt Cake from Kevin Chai, with my own sponge...
250g Sponge mix
5 eggs
1/2tsp lemon paste
45ml lemon juice
80ml water
100ml oil

Yoghurt Cream:
175g Fresh cream (whipped)
300g Yoghurt
30g Lemon paste

Some cocoa powder, chocolate rice (i used choc crunchy pearls) and choc curls.

~ Beat all the sponge ingredients (except oil) for 10 minutes on high speed.
~ Add in oil and mix well, then bake at 180'C for 30 mins.
~ To make yoghurt cream, stir yoghurt and lemon paste into whipped cream and mix well.
~ Slice cake into 3 or 4 layers and spread yoghurt cream on to cake and sandwich the layers.
~ Pare the edge of the cake to form a semi-circular shape.
~ Cover the whole cake with remaining cream. (I just cover the cake with fresh cream) And use a palatte knife to lift up cream to make peaks.
~ Sides with choc rice and dust with cocoa powder and decorate with some choc curls on the top.

The cake is so soft and the lemon taste was superb and so refreshing. Just simply delicious!

It might works with mango if you find lemon is too sour, or any other fruits too.

Happy Birthday Dear...


  1. Wow, Ben's birthday cake looks rich and soft! When you say lemon paste, is it the lemon pie filling? So happy seeing you all together celebrating a happy occasion. ;) Happy Birthday to Ben!! ;)

  2. You have baked a beautiful cake for your hubby! I won't be able to make such nice swirls, and the cake looks so delicious with the nice, soft sponge layers :)

  3. They look beautiful!!!! How do you make them into dome shaped? Looks great, lucky husband!

  4. This cake made from your heart looks lovely! It meant so much to your hubby!

  5. Reese, the cake looks beautiful and yummy as well. Happy Birthday to ur hubby.

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to your hubby!! That is one beautiful cake your baked for him.

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to your husband,this cake look awesome.

  8. ~ Bee Bee, it's just the normal lemon paste in a bottle i used not lemon pie filling. Thank you..;)

    ~ HHB, thank you, its not really hard for the swirl actually...;p It only look nice on the photo...haha!

    ~ Quinn, thans! I rimmed the top layer of the cake into the shape. But wasted the cake..heehee!

  9. Thanks Kitchen Corner and Jess..:)

    Gert, Sonia, thank you!

  10. I have "my birthday cake" book by kevin chai. He's used "sponge mix" in all of his recipes . I don't know what sponge mix is. There isn't any in my country. Could you please help me to substitute it ?

  11. Hi maryam,
    Well if you can't find sponge cake mix, you can always bake a plain sponge in scratch. Maybe you can follow this recipe from my other post....
    Happy baking...:D



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