Thursday, December 2, 2010

Nice Moment

Well well...look whose there? We, bloggers had a nice chatting and dinner @ The Curve, PJ here last weekend. This was fun and I really hope that we have more time to chat next time. Well, with friends with the same interest is not that easy to find, and I'll treasure every moment I spent with all of them.

Even there were only five of, Swee San (The Sweet Spot), Pei-Lin (Dodol & Mochi), Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) and Wendy (Table for 2), we had lots of fun!! And of course our kids were there too. I'll make sure my girl will not be that tired if she tag along next time..haha! (sorry gals, she used to sleep early...;p)
Here's some picture I took that day but too bad...miss the super yummy nice cake Swee San brought, and the yummy pancake from Pei-Lin...haizz..:( That was too delicious, that I kept munching and forgot about taking picture of it. A delicious snack that I love from Wendy, gula melaka coconut! I'm eating some right now..haha!! Have to eat very slowly or else the whole bottle will be gone in minutes! Oh and that's the butter cake Sonia brought...yummy!
(Btw, these pictures was taken before we started

Mmm...and alittle gift from me. A small paper cups with light clay top. Well, again forgot about the picture! It's not hand made by me, but I've been looking for it since our gathering has been confirmed. I like them so much so I guess my friends will like them too..;p
Hope to meet up again soon..^^


  1. Glad that you had so much fun dear friend. :) indeed that friends with common interest are hard to come by, so I'm holding on to you tight too, lol!

  2. I missed it! Hopefully I'll get to join the next one :) :)

  3. So, are you coming for the next meeting on 11th?
    I had a nice time too, hope to see you again soon.

  4. I love seeing this. It's so much fun to check out other blogger get togethers. Love seeing everyone too.

  5. I so jealous that you guys get to meet up often :( Hopefully when I go back next year we can have a get together again.

  6. Wah.. bloggers meet up session!! How I wish to I could join in :)

  7. ~ Bee Bee, I'm also holding tight on!!

    ~ TracieMoo, how are you? Yeah, hope to see you too..:)

    ~ Wendy, tak boleh lah!! Now onwards I'll have visitors and trips until X'mas!!

  8. ~ Lyndsey, I love gatherings and parties! That's the time to meet friends, alot of friends..:)

    ~ Gert, are you coming back next CNY? Hope to meet up with you again..:)

    ~ Kitchen Corner, I wish to meet you too. Is there any Singapore bloggers meet-up session that I can join?...heehee..;p

  9. I can relate to this. It's always fun to meet up with people of the same interest. Shadings will flow naturally! I can tell from the pictures that everyone were grinning happily! It's so nice to share the bakings too! I also just had a gathering with some of the bloggers. :)

  10. ~ Sonia, you can always call me out since you are also around this area..;)

    ~ Jane, yeah...I love to meet people and especially people who has the same interest. It seems like we have lots to talk about and there's always not enough time!

  11. Hey! Read about yours long ago loo ... Only managed to sit down and drop you a message here. FINALLY got to see you again since June or July!!??? Next time hor, have to make sure it's not gonna be a late one for your girl. LOL! I felt bad for her ar ...

    Thanks for the cute artsy pink box.



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