Friday, December 18, 2009

Pre X'mas cupcakes

Hi, my dearest readers! Its been a long break since my last post, and i almost too lazy to start baking. Its a nice December which i have lots and lots of programm and its almost occupied all the weekends. Yea, and i promise there'll be more posts coming up soon...:)

These are the very first baking i did this month for my daughter's music class, which we are celebrating the X'mas. Yup, its too early to celebrate but there won't be any classes during the X'mas week. And again, i find that cupcakes are the most easy one due to my limited time. And i got this idea of keyboards and music notes from my dear friend, Bee Bee. Thanks alot..:)

The recipe is the same chocolate cupcakes i used before. I just played with some fondant, butter cream and jelly icing. My work was rough and i'm not very happy with it actually, but when the kids saw it, they love it so much and grabbed it right away..:O That makes me feel better..haha! Some of the kids even said they wanted to keep the keyboard instead of eating it...haha!
I'll keep up my work and will get lots of practice, ...hopefully one day i'll post a perfect piece for you..:)


  1. Moogie, those are cupcakes. :D Yes very lovely cupcakes bad I don't get to taste them! BTW, tot u want to make notes for a song?

  2. Thanks BB..:)
    Cannot larr, not to that standard yet, those keyboards already looks messy..haha!



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