Thursday, February 25, 2010

Flossy Milk Shake Buns

Hi my dear friends and readers, how's your Chinese New Year holidays? About me? ...I gained 2 kgs in a week!!! Just imagine how I eat..haha! With all the goodies and cookies all over my house, who can lose weigh with that!....;p

Almost 2 weeks I try not to bake anything cause we just couldn't finish the cookies on the table and shelf. And yet there are few more tubs that haven't been open...@-@ Anyway I just can't wait to bake something for breakfast tomorrow..;) Here comes the new experiment from my new book, "Magic Bread from Alex Goh".....

Flossy Milk Shake Buns

Yummy!! Really yummy!
Just use any sweet bread dough you like. My bun's dough was not from the recipe itself, cause I find it too complicated and I don't have the time for that. So I just used the sweet bread dough from my old post.

Here's the ingredients for the fillings:
100g Butter
115g Icing Sugar
Pinch of salt
50g Eggs
130g milk powder
100g Chicken / pork floss

* Mayonnaise
* Extra Chicken / Pork floss

~ Cream butter, icing sugar and salt until well blended.
~ Add in eggs, cream until smooth. Add in milk powder and chicken / pork floss, mix until well comnined.
~ Divide sweet bread dough into 50g each and mould round. Rest for 10 mins. Then wrap in the fillings.
~ Let it proof until double in size.
~ Egg wash and bake at 180'C for 12-15 minutes.
~ Cool the buns on rack. Spread some mayonnaise on top of each buns and coat with extra chicken / pork floss.

Some extra kaya buns for my dear girl and hubby...:)

There are a few more dinners to attend end of this week before the Chinese New Year ends. Hopefully I'll get to control my diet after that..haha!


  1. Hi Reese,
    The bread looks damned good! I wish to have a piece! Is this Alex's new book? I've not seen it before. I only had his "World of Breads". I like his book, very conventional and easy to follow. I can understand when you said you put on weight within a week. Who doesn't? Heehee...

  2. woah, Reese.. I really like the look of the buns.. they look so yummy ...!

  3. @Jane, thanks! Yea, it's his new book! Published last year July. Just saw it in the market last month..:)

    @TracieMoo, Thank you..:)

  4. wow, the buns look so good! I love pork floss buns but I have yet to try make my own, thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  5. Thanks HHB! You should try this recipe, really yummy...:)

  6. Hi Reese,

    Ai ya, don't know what happened to my comment! I left it right before I went for my flight on Friday! I said, the buns looks yummy! Hmm...should have bought the book from Alex next trip larr, heehee. ;)

  7. Bee Bee, if you like, I can always go buy for you and keep till I see you again..:)



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