Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Surprise Birthday Cake (Black Berry Cheesecake)

Surprise surprise!! Today is another of my dear dear friend's birthday..:) I gave her a surprise!! Of course its a cake, what else?!...haha!
Since she's staying nearby, I surprise her by sending the cake over in the morning once she wakes! And a birthday song was sang while she's still in her!

This is a cheese cake which was my 1st attempt. Luckily it turns out nicely or else....stress!!
A Blackberry Cheese Cake by Kevin Chai. Love the taste of the blackberry mixed with the cream cheese...yum yum!

Layered of vanilla sponges was added, and the result is perfect! Somehow the sponges can be avoided if you like a more cheesy cake.
Recipe adapted from the book Cheese Cake with Kevin Chai but with my own version of vanilla sponge and some changes from the original recipe.

Ingredients for Vanilla Sponge:
250g eggs (weigh without shells)
110 sugar
125g plain flour
50ml water
2 tsps emulsifier
1 tsp vanilla
60g melted butter

~ Whisk all the ingredients except melted butter at high speed until light and fluffy.
~ Then fold in melted butter and bake in a 9" square tin lined with parchment paper for 40-45 mins at 180'C. Cool and sliced into 2.

Ingredients for the Cheese:
350g cream cheese
115g sugar
120g black berries (blended)
1 tbsp gelatine powder
3 tbps water
350g whipping cream (lightly whipped)

~ Beat cream cheese with sugar until smooth, stir in blended black berries.
~ Melt gelatine powder with water over simmering water. Stir into cheese mixture. Then fold in whipped cream.

~ Place a slice of vanilla sponge into a 8" square loose base tin. Spread in half of the berry cheese mixture. Cover with another sponge cake. Top with remaining berry cheese mixture and smooth the top.
~ Chilled in fridge for over night. Remove cake and decorate as desired.

Happy Birthday Grace...!!


  1. I like the idea of adding vanilla sponge in between... thks for sharing the recipe ^_^

  2. Yeah! Happy Birthday Grace! Lovely lovely blackberry cheesecake Reese! I could not have not it any better. The sponge looks soft & the creamy cheese layer....drool!! Now I am driving in the car & bringing my dad's birthday cake to the restaurant while commenting, hahaha! Will show u later. :))

  3. Ohhhh... mana beli itu blackberry?
    Cold Storage?

    I've seen some growing in Camerons, how I wish I can cabut one tree back and plant here. LOL.

  4. ~ neyeeloh, seems like I'm not the only one..;p

    ~ Bee Bee, you driving while commenting? Hey, I'm still waiting for your cake!!! must be a very good one...can't wait!

    ~ Wendy, I got it from the shopping mall near my place. I think cold storage also will have.

  5. your cake looks yummy! i can imagine it having the melt in your mouth texture mmm

  6. this looks great, your lucky friend :)

  7. Hi Reese,
    I followed your recipe for a birthday cum valentine cake for my hubby. It turned out well, thanks a lot!

  8. Hi litehomebake,
    Glad you like it..:) I also baked one yesterday with this recipe but with strawberries. It turn out great too.



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