Friday, July 20, 2012

Simple Roasted Chicken

Hi all, I've been missing for quite a long time from my blog here...hehe! Well, back with a simple dish which I cooked last month first ya...;p
Here's the roasted chicken that I made for my hubby's birthday last month. Instead of eating outside, I suggested that we eat at home with some simple salad, soup and wine. This was delicious and my hubby was asking for more...WOW! That means I have to make this more often huh...^^

 It does not have any special ingredients for it. I just mixed whatever I can find and dump it into the oven for an hour. Surprisingly it turned out really good.
Anyway, here's what I used.....

3 drumsticks
some small baby potatoes (peeled, washed and rub with some salt and dried basil leaves)

2-3 garlic (mashed)
2-3 onions (mashed)
dash of black pepper
2 tsps paprika powder
some parsely & fresh basil (blendd)

~ Rub the whole drumsticks with the ingredients above and leave for 2-3 hours at least. (I left it overnight)
~ Place marinated drumsticks onto prepared tray with the baby potatoes and some fresh white button mushrooms (sliced) if you prefered.
~ Bake the drumsticks for 45-1 hr at 250'C.
~ Serve hot.

It was served right out from the oven that day with some milestones soup and Italian salad. Well, although the soup and salad were store bought ones...haha! Will try to make everything myself next round...;p

Crispy skin and juicy meat...just imagine it!! Well done...Reese!!..LOL
Hope you like it too..:))
Btw, what title should I give for this recipe??.....Eh.....Special Chicken Treats?!...hahaha! I think "Simple Roasted Chicken" will do...;p



  1. Wei, what are you busy with huh? Missing for so long and posting last month's recipe. Ok ok, so long as you are well can already. Are you? Take care my friend. :) nice roast chicken...yum

  2. Looks delicious ! I am sure hubby enjoyed every mouthful of this well roasted drumstick;) the potatoes looks yummy too !



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