Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rapsberry & Cheese Delight

Special treats for my niece! Thinking what to bake for her on her birthday but instead of cakes that will make her this light desert is what I think will suits her since she's on a diet...LOL!! Anyway...cheese...hmm is fattening though...haha!
Well, this is not very special from any special chef's recipe. It's just something she loves..."rapsberry & cheese" I just combined them and put it in a cup. Looks tempting though....^^

Very easy and it was done within an hour. No bake and no fuss!! I personally like the combination and the colour of the cream cheese...beautiful! The tatse?!...PERFECT!!

170g rapsberries
250g cream cheese
100g whipping cream
75g sugar
150g digestive biscuits
30g butter (melted)

~ Mashed the rapsberries and keep aside.
~ Beat cream cheese, sugar and whipping cream till fluffy.
~ Mix in the mashed rapsberry and sti well.
~ Smashed digestive biscuits into crumbs and add in melted butter and mix well.
~ Scoop the biscuits follow by the rapsberries cream layer by layer into a cup.
~ Chill before serve.

See the biscuits and the cream?! Melt in the mouth and appetizing...wonderful!!
Try it and you'll know. Its easy as ABC...:))



  1. Nice of you to make this for your niece. :) looks very refreshing especially it's been so hot nowadays. :))

  2. Ya Bee Bee.....just simple ones, hehe! Lazy lazy me!!

  3. hi reese, this is a great idea for dessert, I'll try it....

  4. Lovely, lovely dessert! Just like mini trifles. I would love to make these.

  5. lovely dessert and I am sure your niece loves it to bits ! Not only your niece, I am drooling now :p I am the greedy pig LOL! Seriously it looks great especially when you have guests and you serve this for dessert. Thanks for the idea :)



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