Thursday, November 20, 2014

Almond Brittles

Hi all, it's weekend again! School holidays have just started and I bet everyone is so busy with their holiday schedules. Hmm....where are you planning to go this year? I have no idea yet in fact my daughter is enjoying her playtime with her schoolmates everyday. Early this morning I've sent her to ice skating nearby and she had so much fun playing with her friends even though they meet up everyday. Sometimes I just wonder what's their conversations are besides school..;p

Well, besides all the repeated recipe I'm trying to cook for these few days, here's a not-so-special snacks that I'll like to share. I found this recipe from one of the old magazine when I'm trying to rearrange my bookshelf that day. A very simple non-bake snack that I think everyone will adore.

200g castor sugar
6 tbsps water
60g butter (salted)
200g almond flakes (lightly toast and keep warm)

~ Prepare a swissroll tray and lined with parchment paper
~ Toast the almond flakes until lightly brown and keep warm
~ Cook the sugar and water in a pot until sugar caramelized
~ Add in butter into sugar syrup and cook until turns to dark caramel color. Be careful not to burn the syrup.
~ Remove the syrup from heat and add in almond flakes. Stir well.
~ Then spread the mixture onto prepared lined tray. Remember to spread until even and thin. (shown above)
~ Then quickly make lines on the spread brittles with a plastic knife so that it's easy to break into small pieces when it turns hard. (shown below)
~ Cool nicely then break into pieces and store in an airtight container.

It is so easy and delicious. My daughter has requested another batch of it. It was so yummy when goes with my favourite long black. Guess this is one of the best to give away during X'mas or Chinese New Year!

Have A Nice Weekend!

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