Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chinese New Year Cookiessssss

Hi my dear readers..:) Its been awhile since my last post..;p Well as Chinese New Year is around the corner, about 2 weeks time only...I am quite busy with all the yummy cookies..:)

This year is alittle different, which my sister and me will be baking quite alot varieties of cookies.

We want to bake for our parents and friends this year and my mother can have some time to relax since she has been baking for us for many many years.

So I'll be making some traditional ones which we must have during the Chinese New Year and also some very new recipes from my new book. Anyway, all the old and new recipes are very new to me. Why? That's because I never do it on my own before...;p Hmm...actually I'm alittle nervous and a little stress..haha! But luckily all the cookies turned out nicely and yummy. Thanks to my mother's guidance..:)

Here are all the cookies I've baked. And since I don't want to make this post too long, I will only post some of the recipes here. For friends who like to have those recipes I've miss out here, feel free to email me at, I'll be very happy to share with you.

The very first one,......Pineapple Tarts!

Ingredients for the Tart's pastry:

250g Butter

140g Margerine

100g Icing Sugar

600g Plain flour

50g Milk powder

4 Egg yolks

1 tbsp Vanilla essence

6 tsps Cold Water (might not need that much)


~ Mix all ingredients together by hand until becomes a soft dough.

~ Keep dough in the refridgerator for 30 mins before using.

Ingredients for the pineapple fillings:

4 Pineapples (large)

Sugar to taste

1 or 2 cloves

1/2 inch Cinnamon stick


~ Blend the pineapples, separate the juice. Need only 2-3 cups of juice for cooking.

~ Add in alkl the ingredients together in a pot, and bring to boil.

~ Once boil, lower heat and stir constantly so the mixture won't stick to the base of the pot.

~ Keep cooking until the jam turns brown and sticky (about 2-3 hours). Cool before use.

Wrapping the tarts:

~ Divide dough into small pieces (about 10g) each. Flatten and wrapped in the jam filling.

~ Shape into a mini mock pineapples, snip little "v" around one side (which facing up) and arrange on greased trays.

~ Brush with egg wash and bake at 175'C for 20-30 minutes until brown.

~ Cool well before storage.

2nd...Walnut Cookies

3rd...Black & White Sesame Cookies

4th....Peanuts Puffs (Kok-chai)

Ingredients for pastry:

600g Plain flour

230g Margarine

3/4tsp Cold water (may add alittle more if dough still dry)

1 egg yolk


~ Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.

~ Then place mixture onto work surface, roll the dough with a rolling pin without kneading.

~ Fold dough into half and roll out again for few times until dough is smooth.

Ingredients for fillings:

400g groundnuts (toasted and skinless)

Caster sugar to taste

A little toasted white sesame seeds (optional)

~ Mix all together and ready for wrapping.

Wrapping the puffs:

~ Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough into 1/4cm thickness.

~ Cut pastry with a 2" round cutter.

~ Fill in the nuts mixture. Pleat the edges to seal well.

~ Heat up half wok of oil, deep-fry the puffs over medium hot oil until golden.

~ Remove and drain well. Cool completely before storage.

5th.....Cashewnuts Cookies

Lastly,...Gula Melaka / Plam Sugar Cookies

Wishing everyone a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year!!!!


  1. They are gorgeous Reese. Jane made the same thing here and she is facing problem, perhaps you could give her some tips. Not sure whether my suggestion fits right. I like how you made your pineapple tart. It's just a special and different shape than the usual ones.

  2. Thanks Quinn, I like the shape of the pineapple tarts too. That's what my mum used to do..:)
    Viewed Jane's cashewnuts cookies, but not so sure what's her problem. I'm happy to share with her my recipe too..:)

  3. Hi Reese,
    Your cookies looked gorgeous! I love their shapes too! Possible to email me the recipe for Gula Melaka cookies recipe? Does it has desiccated coconuts? My email address is Take your time, no hurry. Thanks in advance!

  4. They all look fantastic !! Thanks for sharing. Wishinng you Happy CNY to you too.

  5. Thanks Jane, I've sent you the recipes you want, hopefully you like it too..:)

    Thanks to you too, Sonia..:) Happy CNY!!

  6. Dear Reese! Thanks for being so generous and share 3 tubs of the cookies with me!! I'm so lucky, heehee. ;) They are all so good! My favorite? It's the cashew crisp, buttery and light. Yummy good! I can imagine you really spent alot of time baking in your many of them! But great job my good friend, you did yourself and your mum proud. ;D If I come on the 27th, I will bring a tub of my cookies for you too. ;)

  7. Hey BB, you are most welcome! I'm so happy to see you and got not enough time to bake the another three for you..;p The cashew cookies is my favourite too..:)Very happy that you like the cookies! Really hope that we can meet again on 27th..;)

  8. Your cookies are lovely! I like the way you shape your pineapple tarts, how cute! and I love to pleat kok-chai, but I am not game enough to do the deep-frying part ;p

  9. Thanks HHB, like your nastars pineapple tarts too..:) Wishing you a very Happy Tiger Year and Good Health!

  10. hi reese,

    Hope u can share ur recipe for gula melaka cookies. They look awesome! My email is


  11. Hi Aquariusgal, sure. Hope you like it..:)
    Happy baking!

  12. Hi reese,

    Thks for the super quick reply and for so generously sharing this cookie recipe!:)


  13. Dear Reese, why does your pineapple tart recipe needs butter and also margarine?

  14. Hi Mae,
    I used butter and margarine so that the pastry will not be too crisp or hard. This will somehow melt alittle in your mouth...:)

  15. Hi Reese, your gula melaka cookies look really yummy! Can you share the recipe with me pls? My email is Thank you!


  16. Hi Reese, your gula Melaka cookies look really yummy! Can you share the recipe with me pls? My email is Thank you!

    1. Hi MuiJoo sorry for the late reply. Pls check ur email for the recipe. Tq



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