Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nyonya layered kueh

Another nyonya kueh here...heehee! Actually this was requested by my daughter. She named it "Rainbow kueh"....cause of the colours. We used to order this kueh without fail when we are at this nyonya stall, either for breakfast or tea-time, which we did quite often. Yeah...too much of those kueh will bring bad health...due to those santan used. The typical Authentic Nyonya kueh consists alot of coconut milk, and due to health conscious, coconut milk is reduced here.
This is actually called Nyonya kueh Lapis which is porpular during weddings. (During the old days)...

340g Wet rice flour...(300g rice flour mix with 30-40ml water, make into a soft dough)
225g Sago flour
1/4 tsp Salt
500ml Coconut milk
355ml water

425ml Water
380g Sugar
8-10 pcs Pandan leaves

** few drops of colouring (Red, Orange)

~ Mix ingredients (A) till smooth then set aside.
~ Boil ingredients (B) until the sugar dissolved and strain.
~ Pour the hot syrup into the flour mixture, stirring all the time till its well blended.
~ Reserve 150ml mixture and mix with dark orange colouring for the last layer.
~Divide mixture into 3 portions (i used only 2 colours here-red, orange and the plain one)
~ Grease round or square tin (9") then place into the wok with boiling water. Pour in 150ml of mixture for each and steam 6 minutes for each layer until the mixture used up and top with the 150ml mixture with dark orange colour.

** Colour can me adjust to your preference.
** Note that the wet rice flour dough...add water slowly until a soft dough is form.
** Cool completely before cutting


  1. Very good kueh! Even my elder daughter loves it. ;) Think I will have to make it myself one of these days. :-D Thanks for sharing.

  2. U r most welcome! Cheryl loves it too, took 2 big pieces right after i cut!...hee hee!



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