Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!
This is the very first time i celebrate Halloween! Only this year i got to know the exact day for Halloween...;p I think its not quite porpular here, in Malaysia. All i know is we got to dress spooky and have lots of sweet treats...haha! And we had a great day celebrating it at our dear friend's house. Lots of sweets, yummy food and desserts! Yum yum..:)

Everyone brought something to the party, as we are having i just came up with this silly ideas....;)

Grave Yard Chocolate Mousse

Strawberry Ghost

My very old style Sticky Rice (糯米饭)
All these were brought to my friend's house...together with other delicious food made by my friends, all displayed on the table. All were too good to resist...and now i still need time to digest before i go to bed. Just imagine how much i've eaten...haha!
I really had a great time today, and i hope we'll celebrate this day every year from now. Guess our little girls had fun dressing up and too will look forward to the next Halloween..:)


  1. Hey your yummy chocolate mousse was so decadent! Imagine my girl chose it over ice cream! Heehee. Ai ya too bad not enough Glutinous rice for me to da pao back that night. :-P Should have ate one more!!

  2. Hey Bee Bee, glad your girls like it..:) Will make the glutinous for you rice again..;p



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