Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Stuffed Gourd

Have been a busy day for me today, rushing here and there with work..:( But time flies when you are really busy, just a glimsp then its already time for me to pick up my girl from school.
Rushed to the fresh market nearby, just to get something for our dinner tonight before going to school, then the traffic was terrible.....GOSH!!

While choosing the vegetables in the market, there were a few gourds laying on the counter...very fresh and nice. Then my mum's recipe came right into my mind...so i just grabbed and paid...;p

This is a very homely dish that my mum used to prepared for us...guess its been along time since i ate this. When i reached home, the very first thing is confirmed the recipe with my mum...:)
Then to the kitchen i go....heehee!

Here's the recipe...

1 medium size Gourd / Squash
100g minced pork
30-40g Medium size prawns (deshelled, washed and cut into small chunks)
5 shallots (chopped)
5 black mushrooms (soaked, cut into small cubes)
2 tbsps Dried Shrimps (soaked)
1 tsp Garlic (minced)

Marinate sauce:
2 tbsps Soy sauce
2 tsps Sesame sauce
alittle pepper and salt to taste

1tbsps Oyster sauce
1 tsp Sugar
1/2 bowl water
alittle cornstarch

~ Marinate the meat, prawns and shallots together for 1 hour.
~ Clean the gourd, peeled off the skin and cut into rings. Remove the seeds in the center of each rings.
~ Stuff the meat mixture in between the rings.
~ Panfry the stuffed gourd rings until both side slightly golden brown, then set aside.
~ In a wok or a claypot, panfry the garlic till fragnant, add in mushrooms and dried shrimps and fry till fragnant.
~ Add in all the seasonings except cornstarch, then add in the rings and bring to boil.
~ Lower the fire and simmer for about 15-20 mins or until the gourds are tender. Serve hot.

Its very delicious and goes well with white rice. It can be done with bitter gourd or any other kind of gourds. I'm sure you'll definetely cook this more than once..:) Enjoy!!

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