Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pandan Coconut Roll ( Kueh Ketayap)

There is a Nyonya Stall in 1Utama here named "Nyonya Colors". If you shop at 1Utama shopping mall often, then you'll know which one I'm talking about. Located at the old wing of the mall, people used to queue for food and seats. I used to go quite often, just love all the kuehs and their coffee..;)

I've made myself one of the kueh today, but its not that simple to get the right shape of the roll. I just can't get the right way on wrapping the rolls anyway. heehee! So all the rolls turned out to be fat, wide, flat....any shapes! You named it...haha! But the taste of it...perfect! Just love the coconut fillings.

See what I mean? Those don't look like the one selling outside larr...Okay, its my version..;p
Anyway, here's my recipe.....

250g Plain flour
3 eggs
150ml water
150ml thick coconut milk
1/4 tsp salt
1/4 tsp instant yeast
3 tbsps Pandan juice

~ Mix and stir all ingredients well, then drain and leave to rest for 10 mins.
~ Heat a non-stick pan and brush with some oil, then add in a laddle of batter and using circular motion swirl the pan to get a thin pan cake.
~ When set, remove it from the pan and wrap it with some filling.

1.5 tbsps Sugar
140g Palm Sugar
2 tbsps Water
few pandan leaves

280g Grated coconut
1/2 tbsp Sago (mix well with 1 tbsp of water)

~ Boil Ingredient (A) till sugar turns syrup.
~ Add in grated coconut, then lower down the flame and stir the mixture constantly till almost dry.
~ Add in sago mixture and stir thoroughly and leave cool.

See my grated coconut was not that dark in colour? Its because the palm sugar I'm using is slightly different from the local ones. These were from my aunt, said its from Indonesia, and it taste real good!

Another weekend round the corner, wish everyone has a ..........................
Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh, you used yeast in the batter?
    Actually it's not neccessary and no baking powder is also used. But it's your version!!!!
    It's your kuih!!!

    Hey, I love that type of whitish palm sugar, very flavourful right? I didn't taste Indonesian type, but Cambodian palm sugar, which is whitish and used it to make Bubur Chacha, OMG, it's was heavenly!

  2. This is my favorite kueh! Love the juicy sweet coconut inside. ;) I like your version, fat fat means more filling, yummy!

  3. I have so long did not make this kueh, I feel baking is easy than making kueh, hehehe..

  4. I've been wanting to make these pandan pancake rolls, now that I found some pandan paste. I've made some pandan pancake balls! Yours looks very good. The filling looks nice, even though not as dark as I've seen. Who cares if it tastes good!

  5. Hi Reese, this looks gd, I love the coconut too, yum yum!

  6. ~ Wendy, this is the nyonya style one so its different from those selling outside actually. Those outside are normally Malay style, their batter is thinner and less fats.

    ~ Bee Bee, yea lorr...the filling is actually too much ..(Ben said)..haha!

    ~ Sonia, is it? I find the same leh....but I love making kueh more than cakes..heehee..;p

    ~ Lyndsey, thank you. You should try this!

    ~ Jess, thank you too, I too love the coconut fillings...;)

  7. I used to help my mum make this when I was still a teenage. Thanks for bringing back those fond memories :)

  8. Hi HHB,
    You are most welcome, this also brings back my childhood memories too..;)

  9. Looks delicious, I like this kueh too...if I see it in the market, I will be making a beeline for it!

  10. Hi Jeannie, its funny, I won't buy this in the market, you know why? Coz I have too much variety to choose and I usually pick those I don't make at home..heehee..;p And end up I can't finish the kuehs I ordered..;p

  11. Is that a white plam sugar? mmmm interesting. The palm sugar that I get here is call gula jawa from Indonesia and they are super black and sometime do have burn smell too. Diana and I love this kueh and ondeh ondeh. Each time she comes back from NY she will ask me to make this for her.



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