Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Childhood Dishes

Hi!! I'm so happy today..;) Why? Well, my daughter is going to take her graduation photo tomorrow and I can't wait to see her wearing the robe...haha! Am I too excited? She's only 6, and she's only graduating from her kindergaten..;p (crazy me!!) Just imagine what I'm going to be when she graduate from her University in future..heehee! Another one is that I've planned and booked everything for our school holidays this coming September! Too early to plan? I like to do everything fast...that's me! haha! Not getting to far but to Singapore again..;)
Okay enough about me, let me share with you these 2 dishes that I used to eat looooooooong time ago. I can't remember when I last eat these, probably before I got married...^_^"

Here's the 1st one.......Fried prickled radish with dried shrimps.

This is a very simple dish with diced prickled raddish, diced dried shrimps, diced chilli padi and sugar. That's all you need! Soaked the prickled raddish and dried shrimps before cook, and just panfry everything with alittle oil until fragnant.

The 2nd one is Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish.

Ingredients for this are chopped Chicken, diced Salted Fish, sliced mushrooms, sesame oil, alittle cornflour, alittle sugar, and alittle light Soy Sauce. Mix everything together and steam for 25 minutes. (depends the amount/size of chicken)

All these were taught by my mother, its just simple and delicious. Well it somehow not so healthy with those prickled raddish and salted fish, but I think eating those once awhile will be nice..;)

**Note that the amount of the ingredients are depends to individual.



  1. The radish hoh.. great as a topping for tofu.
    I've love that with porridge :)

  2. Gee! These were my childhood's dishes too which my grandmother taught me to cook when I was about 10. They were super with porridge!

  3. My mother used to cook the 'chai poh' this way too and sometimes she fried eggs with it. mmm it has been a long while since I had this. Thanks for the reminder. You have a great weekend.

  4. So strange, I wrote a comment yesterday but did not get posted? Anyway, I was saying these are the kind of homey dish that can go so well with steamy white rice, yummy! Hey, I am also happy and glad that you are coming to Sg for holiday, yah! We'll have loads of fun and to catch up.

  5. ~ Wendy, I also thought of topping the tofu the next day, but it has all gone on the day I cooked la..;p

    ~ Sonia, we have the same taste..:)

    ~ busygran, wow you can cook when you are 10! Good!

    ~ Gert, I think most of us in Malaysia tried these before. You too have a nice weekend..:)

    ~ Bee Bee, is't ok, yea, nice to go with rice or porridge. Looking forward to see you too..;)



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