Monday, April 13, 2009


Ginger is good for our body. Chinese believe that it reduses wind in the body. I took alot when my confinement time, as my mother cook quite often for me. But of course during that time was no chilli tasted not bad too. Of course its better with chilli...hee hee! i used to add more chilli in it, cause i like the spice! And i always replaced the coconut milk with full cream milk, Yeah...find it more healthy...:)


1 whole chicken (cut into small pcs)
1 small bowl shallots
5-8 chili padi
2 small tumeric (about thumb size)
1 small ginger (about thumb size)
a little garlic
5 lemon grass
1 coconut milk-about 200ml (can be replace with UHT full cream milk)
Salt to taste

~ Pound all ingredients except coconut milk
~ Pan-fry the pounded ingredients with a little oil until fragnant
~ Add in chicken cubes, stir-fry for awhile
~ Then add in coconut milk, bring to boil
~ Turn to low heat, simmer for awhile until chicken is done
~ Add salt to taste
**(if its too dry, may add some water)

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