Monday, April 13, 2009


There are quite alot of yam cake recipes out there. I never try others since i got this right. Its from my mum again, and i'm not sure where she got this from. Whenever i make this, i'll definetely take it for lunch or dinner...really delicious! Of course i can eat for meals....ha ha! Bare in mind that the water you add shouldn't be too much, or else the cake will turns out too sticky and too soft(It depends the yam used, some are not soft enough). And also must remember that it can only be cut into slices when its really cool, otherwise it'll be sticky when its hot.

400-500g Yam (Shredded)
250g Rice flour
50g Corn flour
900-1000ml Water (depends on the YAM, some are alittle dry)
1 tsp Salt
1 cube Chicken stock
1 tsp Five spice powder
* pepper to taste

150g Dried shrimps (minced)
1 small bowl Shallots (minced)
~pan-fry until fragnant, set aside. (May add alittle into the YAM mixture befor steaming)

~ Mixed the water, salt, chicken stock together. Make sure the chicken stock dissolve properly.
~ Pour into the flour ingredients, stir well
~ Cook shredded yam with 6 tbsp cooking oil
~ Pour the flour mixture into the yam, n keep stirring until it forms a sticky texture. (medium heat)
~ Pour mixture into a greased pan, steam for at least 45 minutes-1 hour or until cook.
~ Once cooked, press the (ready cooked) dried shrimps & shallots on top of the cake.
*Garnish with spring onions & red chiles if desire.
**Cool completely before cutting

**For frens who likes radish, may change the yam to radish, but reduce the water to 600-700ml. May add some ham instead of dried shrimps. Enjoy!

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