Monday, April 13, 2009


Rojak anyone!? Hee hee...:) My mum used to make this for all our gatherings and parties. I dun really sure where she got this from, but its a promised dish. Actually this uses only red chilis but according to my mum, add some chili padi will spice it up! Of course you can add more if you want to sweat...hahaha!

200g Roasted peanuts
2 Gula melaka (palm sugar)-mashed
3 Chilies (red)
3 Chili padi
2 tbsp assam paste
1/2 bowl (small) Hot Water

~ Melt the assam paste in the 1/2 bowl of hot water and sieve for the juice.
~ Blend all ingredients together (except peanuts) until fine
~ Then add in roasted peanuts and blend awhile (peanuts may not blended too fine)
~ Add any fruits desire to serve
** I always blend the peanuts separately. I find it better that way, cause i dun want the peanuts become too fine. This is really really delicious, and its good for parties or gathering! Try it out!
** This rojak mixture (without fruits) can be kept in the fridge for a week.

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