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Recipe from my mum! Its a little complicated, but i enjoyed making this. But most of all i enjoy eating it! Ha ha! Its an all time favourite especially for Chinese who celebrates babbies fullmoons, birthdays and of course for us to pray during big days, like Chinese New Year. Well, i like it in a smaller shape, so i always make it with smallest mould. The pastry's ingredients is actually with sweet potatoes, but i change it with pumpkins here. Guess what.....the texture is great, and no pumpkin taste at all (even with sweet potatoes).
I can say this is much more better and the best part colour added!! (Original colour from the pumpkin i used)

200g Sweet potatoes / Pumpkin (cooked n mashed)
300g Glutinious flour
1 tbsp Rice flour
2 tbsp Sugar
3 tbsp Cooking oil
200ml Water (fr cooked potatoes)-might not need tat much, so have to add slowly.

250g Green beans/Mung beans (yellow in color)
140g Sugar
4 tbsp Cooking oil

* Cut some banana leafs according to the mould using (for the base of the kuih) when steaming!

METHOD (paste):
~Soaked the beans at least 2 hours n rinsed.
~Steam the beans for 45-1hr, with pandan leafs on top if desire
~While its still hot, add in oil & sugar, blend till fine
~Make into small balls. (can be kept for a month in freezer)

METHOD (pastry):
~Mixed all ingredients by hand
~Make into a dough, leave for 20-30 minutes
~Grab a portion (as the mould using) then wrapped in the paste(ball)
~Dust the mould with some rice flour before pressing in the dough.
~Knock out & place on the cut & oiled banana leafs.
(Brush alittle oil on top of the (cut) banana leafs before placing the kuih on top)
~Use a steamer to steam for 8-10 minutes (medium heat)-medium size
5-8 mintues (medium heat) - small size

~ When its done, brush alittle oil on top of each kuih, this is to prevent the kuih from sticking together.

**The steamer i used was the bamboo steamer (those used to steamed paos outside)


  1. Hi Reese,
    I love this kuih and would really like to try making some. May I know where I can get the moulds for these?

  2. Hi Ee Peng, you can try to get the moulds fr bakery shops (those supplies igred.),or those shops selling bowls and plates, or maybe u can get fr supermarkets ( cultenary section). Hope u can get the moulds soon:) Btw, try to get those plastic mould, cause the pastry may get sticks in the wooden mould very easily.

  3. Great! Thanks.
    Will look around and let you know how it turns out when I get the time to try it :)

  4. I like eating this but can't find angku mould
    can i use plastic mooncake mould?
    Also, how many angku kuih does this recipe yield?
    Any substitute for banana leaves as well?
    Can I just steam it on oiled baking paper.
    I'm in Australia and it's pretty hard to find some ingredients.

  5. Hi Quinn, can use the plastic mooncake mould, but it shouldn't be too big.(slightly the size of our palm will do), cause it may need more time to steam & may out of shape.
    The portion here will make about 12-14 (size-large), i always make this with the smallest mould i can get, so it will be double.
    For the banana leaves, maybe u can get from china town in Aus, I'm not too sure about the oiled baking paper, but u can try with baking plastic paper, which we use to wrap the cake. This will help.
    Anyway, using banana leaves is to make the kueh alittle more aroma of the leaves.
    Have fun!!

  6. Thanks a lot for the prompt reply.
    Will try it out soon!

  7. is this your blog too:

    I saw 2 same photos and recipe.
    Don't know who copy pasted who but I reckon you should know.

  8. oh...tat's my sister....hee hee! She likes baking too, its juz this recipe its from our mum....:P

  9. Hi,

    I've tried your paste, and turns out really good. thanks !But I got a question regarding the pastry, at which stage can we stop kneading ? It cracks easily.

    Appreciate your advice.

  10. Hi Linda,
    So glad that you like the paste...:) For the dough, i don't really knead it. As i mentioned above, mixed all ingredients into a dough....when it forms a dough then its done. Don't really need kneading here.
    It cracks when wrapping the filling or moulding? It might because the water amount you add is too little, do try to add more water into the dough. Texture should be soft not dry, and easy to handle. Good luck!

  11. Hi,

    I juz tried and it really works by adding more water, its easier to mould too. I'm quite lazy so I used my mixer to do the job.
    I'll try coconut filling the next round.
    Thanks for your wonderful recipe.


  12. Hi Linda,
    Bravo!! Happy to know that you did it! You are most welcome...:)

  13. Hi Reese,

    Just tried out this recipe last weekend. The skin was a bit dry. Will try to add in more water into the dough and as for the paste, the texture was not soft and fine enough as compared to those i bought from the stalls. Overall, it was tasty and most of my family members liked it. Thanks so much.

  14. My friend's mom who makes this to sell in Lukut, never used the mould, and made them round only. I helped her once to do it and my hands were so oily cos she taught me to oil my hands when wrapping the kuih. I always think flouring the hands is better, right???

  15. Hi Wendy,
    My mom used to make this for sale too, especially for fullmoons baby..:) So I got to learn from her. I did floured the mould abit, but my hands is totaly clean while making..:)

  16. Finally, I found how to made Ang Ku. I love this kuih, I usually bought at Nyonya Kuih stall at mid valley.

  17. Hi Nor Ramli, welcome to my blog. Yea, its easy to make and nice to eat. Enjoy..:)



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