Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Durian Cheese Tarts

Hi there, how are you? I've been absent for sometime, and friends have been asking why there is no new post lately..;p I did bake but all old stuffs like chiffon cake and baos. (requested by my daughter) With only 3 of us, those food need some time to finish..;)
Alright, enough for my excuses...bla bla bla..;p

Are you a durian fan? I am, and I'll go crazy with this fruit! The past 2 weeks I've been craving for durians. I just can't let it down..haha! Yesterday while my daughter and me went out for dinner at the nearest mall, I saw some durians!!! And I was like walking faster and faster to that stall, and my girl asked me "mummy why are you rushing"? I told her I saw durians!..haha! Crazy me!

After almost 20 seeds of durians, I thought of saving some for these tarts. Aren't they look lovely..;)

Transform my blueberry cheese tarts's recipe into durian cheese tarts. And top with fresh cream and durian....Wonderful!

Did a small tiny one for my girl to try. She doesn't really like durian, hopefully she'll like this.
A peep the inside of this tart, the soft and creamy fillings are just right to match with the crust pastry.

Here's my version of the fillings:
250g Cream cheese
50g Durian flesh
50g castor sugar
20g butter
1 egg

~ Beat the cream cheese, sugar and durian until light and fluffy.
~ Add in egg and beat well.
~ Transform the cheese mixture onto the baked tarts shells.
~ Bake at 180'C for 15 minutes.
~ Cool and pipe cream topping on top.
~ Chill before serve.
250g Fresh cream
20g Durian flesh
~Beat together until its almost stiff.



  1. Reese, the durian cheese tart looks so creamy, must b yummy too.

  2. This durian cheese tarts looks really really good and tempting. Goodness! Wish I could get a piece from you, Reese! :) Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. I love durian very much too, cant wait to try out this, thks for sharing the recipe ^_^

  4. Hi Jess @ Bakericious, it was indeed very yummy..;)

    Dear Jane, I wish I can share with you too, eating alone is no fun actually..;p

    Hi neyeeloh, if you are a durian fan, then you'll love this. Try it out and let me know about it..;)

  5. I love love durian. I actually never make any type of dessert with it. As you know it is difficult to get durian here and when we usually only get one and no leftover for dessert. All I can do is drool over your beautiful durian tarts :(

  6. Wah...as if it's not rich and delicious enough, you top off with that big dollop of cream! You are good at coming up with new tricks to your recipe too, hahaha! Nice one my friend...too bad I don't get a bite! This reminds me of that durian tart I made last time. ;)

  7. Reese....
    Why do you want a make such a sinful tart!!!!
    Cheese and durian, how much more wicked can you be?

  8. LOL! You sped up just because of the sight of durian!? That was hilarious!

    Wah ... Geng wor ... You could wipe out 20 seeds of the HOT fruit in one shot!!?? Didn't get overheated!? Geng, really geng ... LOL! I can't do that lar though I love durian. I think I'm gonna pengsan on the spot with durian overdose. LOL!

    Next time when we meet up again, you make this lar ... Looks too good to resist leh ...

  9. Hi Gert, I wish I can share some with you..;) Try to visit us again during durian season,....then we can go crazy together..;)

    Hey Bee Bee, my dear friend...heehee! I want to make the tarts looks more elegant ma...so top with cream lo...haha! But end up doubled the calories!!

  10. Dear Wendy, I'm wicked enough to make that tarts!! Even more wicked to make my hubby "FAT" with those calories...haha!

  11. Wow...these look so creamy and delicious. Now I'm so jealous I can't get durians here :P That durian just look soooo tempting! If I have some durians now, I don;t think there'll be any left over for the tarts...haha :D Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

  12. salivated!! yum yum! but I like to eat fresh durian rather than bake it..

  13. Hey Pei-Lin,
    I can eat only durians for my meals..haha! All 3 meals you bet!
    Yes, its heaty but after that I'll drink lots of water and coconut juice. Sometimes 100plus..haha!

  14. Hi MaryMoh...I purposely bought more that I can eat so that I can bake..heehee..;p

    Sonia, yea, who can resist durians..haha! You are the same as my husband, he refuse to try my tarts..:( But my girl loves it! Its like ice cream she said..:)

  15. What a great way to bake durian with cheese! Yours durain cheese tarts are so delicious, I can have half a dozen in a setting!

  16. WOH!! I will love this durian cheese tart! What a good idea using durian to make a cheese tart! Can't wait to try this out. Thanks for sharing this great recipe! I will love it :)

  17. Hi Happy Homebaker, thanks..;)

    Hi Kitchen Corner, thanks and you are most welcome for the recipe. It was heaven I can say..:) Try it out then you'll know..:)



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