Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Birthday Cakes for Little Ones

Mega Sales is here! Have been shopping and shopping for the last weekends..:) Good thing I got the things I've been looking for, especially those kitchen stuffs at Ikea...*YEAH* !! I almost brought back the whole Ikea..haha! I find that shopping for kitchen stuffs or baking stuffs are more interesting then shopping in a boutique. Agree?...;p

Alright, today's post is nothing special anyway, just some photos I've taken for these 2 day's projects. Having so-call orders from friends, I've baked some carrot cupcakes and a chocolate cake for their little ones's birthday.

The 1st, carrot cakes displayed in a (2oz) paper cups with some little cute bunnies and carrots for a 2 year old little girl.

2 little baskets for the carrots............
..........little bunny..............
....& some carrots.

The other one is the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. A very last minute notice, so I can only do it with simple decorations...;p Find it kind of messy but hopefully they like it.
Found a cute candle for this cake but it's naked...haha! So I moulded a pink dress for it..:D
Only some bugs, butterflies and flowers for the cake...oh how I wish I can do more than that.

Happy Birthday Sweeties


  1. Such cute bunnies and munchy carrots! Are they made from mm fondant or marzipan? The cake decor is sweet. Not overdone and crowded! Lucky birthday girls!

  2. Who is the lucky gal? Anyway, glad that something is keeping you happily busy now, whether shopping or baking cute cupcakes. You have fun! Take care yah!

  3. Wow, Reese you are so good at this. There are all so beautiful and I like the bunnies a lot. I know who to go to if I want to order cakes in Malaysia :)

  4. Those little cakes looks super cute and lovely! Children will definitely crazy for it!

  5. Hi busygran, thanks and yes, they were all fondant.

    Bee Bee, they are... a niece from an accountant friend, and a 2 yr old girl whom is Cheryl's classmate's sister.

    Gert, please don't say that, you are much better than me. I'm still at learning stage..;p

    Grace, thanks. Btw, I just confirm you in FB..heehee..:)

  6. Wor, very well done, look so pro..your kid is lucky to have you.

  7. Reese, I love the bunny, the carrot and the basket, so beautiful done! The chocolate cake is beautiful too, I am sure they will love it

  8. Hi Reese,

    Lovely bunnies! And I think the chocolate cake is perfect =D

    You Fei

  9. Thanks a lot for the lovely cupcakes made for my girl. Not only childres, adults also crazy for it. I love the carrot cake! Thanks again....

  10. Thanks everyone...:) Thank you for the lovely compliments..:)



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