Monday, August 2, 2010

Mocha Butter Cake

Spent the whole morning chatting with friends during breakfast then to register my daughter's primary school which she's going to standard 1 next year. Due to the long queue, we managed to finished by noon. Well, it seems all parents were so excited for their kids, we didn't even bother about the queue but feel happy..:) Okay, that's all about me for today, lets see what's in my supper list today.

A recipe adapted from Kevin Chai's "I love Butter Cake". Well, never know that there are so many kinds of butter cake, I meant I usually bake those plain butter cake or mix it with coffee. But in this book there are so many kinds of butter cake that I never try before, like this one....Mocha Butter Cake. I think I'm abit out dated if this is a very common recipe...;p

Btw, tried it out today, its alittle dry but I like the taste of it...not bad overall..:)

Recipe :

240g Butter
190g Castor sugar (has been reduced)
1/4 tsp Salt
4 eggs
4 tsps instant coffee powder
1.5 tbsps Cocoa powder
3 tbps Hot water
1 tsp Coffee paste
100g Walnuts (chopped)
240g Plain flour
1 tsp Baking powder

** I added 3 tbsps milk into the recipe.

Method :
~ Beat butter, sugar and salt till light and fluffy.
~ Add in eggs one at a time.
~ Melt cocoa powder and coffee powder with hot water, stir into butter mixture follow by coffee paste and chopped walnuts.
~ Fold in flour, baking powder and milk, mix until well blended.
~ Spread batter into a greased 9" round pan and bake for 30 minutes at 180'C.
~ Sprinkle with some cocoa powder if desire.

Its soft and most of all the taste of my favourite coffee...yummy! Can't wait for my supper tonight..;D


  1. Mocha and walnuts get along well. Looks moist to me!

  2. ~ Hi busygran, it is soft and moist after I added the milk. The recipe never call for milk.

    ~ Wendy, you know what? I always keep about 6 pieces for ourselves then the rest are for friends..haha!

  3. i haven't tried any of kevin chai's recipes but i've heard his butter cakes are good. coffee flavored butter cake sounds really nice!!

  4. Her, your favorite coffee flavor, bet you ask why wait till now then bake it. Looks soft, must be yummy! Save me a big slice okay, heehee.

  5. I know I will love this cake...and my family too. We love the smell of coffee in cake but I have to omit the walnuts as my children hate walnuts. Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at

  6. ~ Joslynn, the cake is good..:) Yea, I like Kevin Chai's recipes, I'm looking for his book, "Chiffon Cake is done" & "Swiss Roll" for quite sometime but its out of stock everywhere..:(

    ~ Bee Bee, you know me,..can't leave without coffee..;D This is nice and soft indeed. Ya lor..can't even remember I have this book..haha! How I wish I can let you try, my friend.

    ~ MaryMoh, I'm sure your family & you will like this recipe. You can always replace the walnuts with some other nuts that your children like or just omit it. The cake will turn out nice too..:)

  7. Reese, the cake looks gd, I have kelvin chai's book too but ve not try any recipe from there yet :P

  8. Hi Jess, this is a nice recipe if you like coffee as much as I do..:) But I added milk in it, wonder why the recipe didn't call for milk coz the batter was so thick.



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