Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mixed Fruits Almond Biscotti

Hi, how is everyone doing? Any plan for this coming weekend's holiday? (it's a public holiday for Malaysia) It's a long weekend, so I'll be away from Thursday....yippie! Lately I've been busy baking for friends, well just happen that their daughters's birthday fall in the same month..;D Another 2 more to go for this week..;p

I take this opportunity to get more practice on piping and decorating, and most of all I really enjoy it..:)

Well, while baking for them, I do have some time to bake for myself too. Other than repeating the old recipes, I've done something new too....Biscotti! Yummy!!

I love biscotti especially when I'm taking my coffee. I usually bought them from "Coffee Bean" where I love their "Mama's Biscotti". Never thought of baking it and thought it is quite difficult but its not at all.

Got this recipe on the web but with some modification, here's my version..;)

75g Butter

75g Sugar

2 eggs

240g Plain flour

1 tsp Baking powder

1/4 tsp Baking soda

1 tsp Lemon zest

1tsp Lime zest

1 tsp Orange zest

A hand full of roasted almonds

~ Mix plain flour, baking powder and baking soda together.

~ Rub butter into flour mixture until resembles coarse crumbs.

~ Make a well in the center and add in eggs and other ingredients. Mix into a dough with hands and cut dough into half.

~ Flatten dough on a parchment paper and egg wash.

~ Bake at 200'C for 15 minutes until golden brown.

~ Remove from oven and cut into slices and place slices on the parchment paper (inside facing up)

~ Bake again at 180'C for another 20 minutes until dry.


Here's 2 photos I'll like to sahre.....2 little princesses's birthday cakes..:) How's my piping?...haha!

Pai-seh pai-seh...;p (so thick skin)

Wish everyone has a nice weekend, see you next week...:)


  1. Hi Reese,
    Your cakes looked so beautiful. The details and the piping are really professional. Your biscotti looks really good too! You selling that too? :p

  2. Hi Jane,
    No la, the biscotti is for myself..haha! Love it with my coffee..;p Oh the cakes, thanks! Getting more practice really got some difference..;p

  3. Hi Reese, the biscotti looks good to go with coffee, though I can't drink coffee :P. Both of the cakes look so so beautiful, I can't decide which one I prefer, headache ^^, you are so prof on pipping!

  4. the biscottis look so crunchy!!!
    Love the pink bear!

  5. I love biscotti too! Your cakes look so professionally made!

    Yeap, it's gonna be a longer weekend! Happy Merdeka to you! Enjoy your holidays with your loved ones! =)

    Btw, just wondering if you'd like to participate in the Merdeka Open House:


    If you do, see yours real soon!

  6. Crunch! Crunch! More biscotti please! Your cake decors are so pretty. Lucky girls!

  7. I pretty much like the biscotti I have tasted so far, but I never knew how does an authentic one taste like. I've bookmarked several biscotti recipes but never ever tried making it. Your post is making me itch to try it out! hehe!

    Your cakes are really pretty and I must salute your patience in piping those stars. I think I would have gone crazy and my stars wouldnt have aligned. bahhh!

  8. Heehee, I can already imagine you dipping those yummy biscottis in your coffee. ;) for a coffee lover like you, this is definitely a sure must. ;) love the care bear cake, so sweet! What cake do you bake inside? And is this the usual buttercream piped over it? Very pro leh...

  9. ~ Jess, thanks..:)

    ~ Wendy, the biscotti was crunchy and fruity..heehee. Thanks!

    ~ Pei-Lin, thank you. Happy Merdeka to you too. I think I can't meet you at this "open house" you mentioned, coz I'll have a small gathering with my old buddies on the same day. Thanks for asking..:)

    ~ busygran, thanks..:)

    ~ youfei, I love biscotti as much as you do, and I too is keeping quite alot of the recipe without trying..;p So this was my 1st..haha!

    ~ Bee Bee, dear fren....yea yea, I can't live without coffee..haha! And this is the very matching biscotti! The bear ah, it was a moist chocolate cake I used to bake, and yes, I used the usual buttercream without coating the cake cause they don't like too much cream. Thanks ya, I'm practicing all the time leh...heehee!

  10. I love biscotti! I always get my DH to lug two tubs of ready-made biscotti from a local hypermart in the States. Your biscotti have inspired me to go bake 2 batches...one for myself and one to be sent to DH ;) If I am still a little girl, I will want to have your cakes for my birthday!

  11. Thank you HHB..:) I'm going to make aother batch very soon too, its a perfect match for coffee..:)



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