Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rainbow Flaky Mooncake & Shanghai Mooncake

Testing, testing...;p I've brought a new mooncake recipe book last week, "Mooncake Selections" (月饼精选) and I wanted to try this out so much that finally I have the chance to do so today..;) I've bookmarked a few recipes from the book but only 2 I managed to try. Hopefully I have the time to try the rest by next week..;)

How's the result? Good, I can say...especially the Shanghai Mooncake which is one of my favourite. The pastry was fantastic!

Well, I've also baked some Flaky Crust Mooncakes which I've learnt from my dear friend, Honeybeesweets.

Here's the 1st recipe tried from the book.......Rainbow Coloured Flaky Puff Mooncake
The method of rolling the dough to achieve the beautiful patterns are almost the same as the above Flaky Crust mooncake.

(A) Water Dough
75g Cake flour
10g Icing Sugar
30g Shortening
30g Water
(B) Oil Dough
50g Cake flour
20g Shortening
10g Butter
Red bean paste
~ Mix (A) till smooth. Rest for 15 minutes.
~ Mix (B) till even. Divide into 4 portions, add in yellow, red, green colouring. Reamin portion is original colour.
~ Flatten water dough into a flat rectangle shape, place the coloured dough in the center and wrap it up.
~ Roll out the pastry, fold both sides into center and roll out again. Lastly roll up like a swiss roll and cut into 10 portions.
~ Press into round shape and wrap in fillings. Bake at 180'C for 20 minutes.

2nd recipe was the Shanghai Mooncake

180g Cake flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
1 tbsp Custard powder
60g Shortening
60g Icing sugar
1 egg
1/8 tsp vanilla essence
30g butter
Lotus paste
Salted egg yolk (slightly toasted)
~ Sift flour, baking powder and custard powder.
~ Mix sugar, shortening, butter, egg and vanilla together in a bowl.
~ Add in flour mixture slowly and draw into a soft dough. Rest for 10 minutes.
~ Divide dough into 65g each and wrap in fillings and make into round shape.
~ Brush with egg fluids and sprinkle with some melon seeds.
~ Bake at 180'C for 25-30 minutes.

Nicely packed for my dear uncle & family and my dear friend who I'm going to visit this friday..:)

Happy Holiday to me... ^^


  1. Amazing mooncakes, lovely colors, thanks for sharing, I might make these, the attractive colors will tempt the boys to eat lol!

  2. Ooh, that is really making me salivate! Looks so good. I used to bake this, but this year, I thought of giving it a miss. So I'm drooling over all these bakes.

  3. Reese, I bot the Mooncake Selections too :). The mooncakes look very beautiful done!

  4. Very colourful and pretty mooncakes! Always taste good when it's homemade!

  5. Oh wow...such beautiful moon cakes. I would love to have some :D You can open a bakery! Thanks very much for sharing. MaryMoh at http://www.keeplearningkeepsmiling.com

  6. Your flakey mooncakes look very pretty :)
    Thanks for the recipe, will love to try it!

  7. The mooncakes look so pretty especially the colorful ones. I thought of making it but the ready lotus paste here is very expensive. I might just use red bean paste.

  8. Hi Reese,
    Can you teach me how did you tuck in the bottom so nicely? I always have problem shaping and rounding the bottom that it showed the folds all the time. Yours were so nicely done.

  9. ~ Jeannie, thanks..:)

    ~ Hi Jane, I just came back from Singapore, and sorry for my late reply. My mooncake was nice? Oh dear, my husband just commented that they look so ugly..haha! Btw, I wrapped the fillings on the table instead to make sure the foldings were in the center then I try my best to round them up on the table with both palms. Hope you understand what I mean...;p

    ~ Jess, nice horr..:) All the pictures in this book was so beautiful.

    ~ busygran, thanks..:)


  10. ~ MaryMoh, thanks.

    ~ Happy Homebaker, you are most welcome..:)

    ~ Hi Gert, red bean paste is good too. Anyway the lotus paste here also quite expensive if compare to redbeans.

  11. Hi Reese,
    Thanks for your info. I must remember to try it out the next time I bake again. But how do you seal them? I found my "bottom" very thick...
    Oh, you did tell me you're coming down to Singapore. I would like to meet up with you though. :p

  12. Jane, before I wrap the filling, I'll role out the dough (thinner by the side and thicker in the center), just like wrapping a bao. So when sealing the mooncake, it'll be more even all over.
    Okay, will try to arrange a small meet up with you the next time I go..:)

  13. I'm going to try the 2 types of mooncakes here this weekend. Wish me luck !

  14. Good luck ~ The Experimental Cook...:)

  15. Hey so strange one, I remembered I left a msg but didn't get published?! Anyway...I was saying.."Are you giving these lovely mooncakes to me?! Do you see me jumping for joy!! LOL!" They are very nice my friend. :) I gobbled up 3 already...considering I also made some myself. First time tasting the Shanghai mooncakes...the crust is more crumbly compared to the spiral ones. ;)Thanks for the mooncakes! Both kinds are yummy and pretty!

  16. Bee Bee,
    Is it? I didn't receive any msg from you leh...funny! I was waiting for you to give me some comments on those mooncakes..;p
    Anyway, even if I don't get your msg, I know you'll like it..haha! (me thick skin)

  17. Hi friend, how are you? Your moon cake look exactly like store-bought. This year i did not make any moon cake, wish I can try your recipes in next year lar.

  18. Hi Sonia,
    I'm good. What about you? I just can't wait to try out the recipes from my new book or else I also lazy to make..heehee..;p

  19. Hi Reese, you mention that the dough (Shanghai Mooncake) should divide into 65gm each, what about the lotus paste???

  20. Hi Reese,
    In Shanghai Mooncake recipe, you mention that the dough should divide into 65gm right...what about the lotus paste????
    I really want to try this but don't know how to divide the lotus paste..please advise..Thanks :)

  21. Eileen,
    To be honest I didn't really have the proper measurement to divide the lotus paste. It depends you want the mooncake more or less fillings. Some prefer to have more fillings so it will be around 50-60g per fillings.
    So it's all depends to individual..:))

  22. Hi, can shortening be replaced by butter or lard?

    1. Hi,
      Yes, you may use butter or lard.
      Happy baking!!

  23. Hi,
    Can shortening be replaced by lard or butter (unsalted?)

    1. Yes, it may be replaced with butter/lard (salted/unsalted)



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