Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Grandmama's Birthday

What a weekend!! We had a wonderful time celebrating my grandmother's birthday last Saturday, although not all the members of the family attented..;p Well, what I mean "we" were my grandmother's daughters and their children. Uncles?...They will have their turns celebrate with grandma soon...haha!
Okay, since I'm going to share with you all the foods taken from the restaurant, I don't want to make this post too long...;p

First of all...this was the cake made by my sister and me..:) Actually my sis did most of the job..;p Want the recipe, click here...:) Me will show you the steps here...

And then a small cake for the kids....without alcohol & coffee...but aaaaa...abit ugly..haha!

These were the foods we had for our dinner. A wonderful and yummilicious one and it only costs us RM450++. Cheap!!

1st....The "Four Season" appetizer.... with a combo of yam basket with chicken, crabs, squids & special fish balls.

These were the special fishballs I mentioned....

2nd, Charcoal Grilled Chicken in a pot................

3rd, Sharkfin soup....

4th, Steamed "Patin" fish...................

5th, Thai-style Buttermilk Prawns.................

6th, this was special....Stirfry Pumpkin and Lotus with Mixed Vege. And it was top with crispy cuttlefish.

7th, Red Wine Trotter..............
8th, XO Fried Rice with dried shrimps and Chili............

9th, fried mee....
Desserts..........Soft Mochi with Redbean fillings.....

A look at the inside.....delicious!!

Lastly...Glutinous Rice balls with black sesame fillings in Redbean soup.

Tempting? Yea...we will definetely go back to this restaurant soon, very soon...;D
It was located at my hometown and here's the address if you think you'll like to try too...:)
Silver Dragon Restaurant
PT 21383 Persiaran S2-D5,
City Centre Seremban,
Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia.
Tel: +60126741910

And before I end this post, here's another cake I did last week... ^-^


  1. Reese, I love your car cake, so beautiful, my nephew will go crazy if he see this. Too bad this is too adventurous for me to attempt if not I sure make him one hahaha... The tirimisu looks pretty and delicious, this has always my favourite cake :). And the dishes looks so delicious especially the mochi with red bean filling, I love the crystal clear skin, so pretty.

  2. What a feast! The food looks wonderful...but I don't think I'll have a chance to go Seremban to taste it. :P Have to agree with Jess that the mochi was really special! That's why I asked about it on FB, lol!And yes, classic tiramisu cake, yum! ;) Thanks for sharing this. ;)

  3. ~ Jess, TQ...:)Yea, the mochi is really special.

    ~ Bee Bee, it was a great dinner...hopefully one day we can all go to Seremban again. The was my first time trying too but Janice said it's quite porpular in Seremban right now. The cake was good and I regret that I didn't bring back some the next day..;p

  4. The foods all look so delicious, my hubby hometown is in Seremban too, next time ask him to bring me there.. Well done on those cakes!

  5. Happy birthday to your grandma. :)

    I like that stir-fry of Pumpkin and Lotus with Mixed Veggies. Quite creative.

  6. ~ Oh Sonia, then you really got to go try this out!!! I think you'll like the food there..:)

    ~ tigerfish, thanks..:)



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