Monday, October 18, 2010

Steamed Spare-Ribs Curry

I've been craving for curry lately even I'm on a strict diet..haha! Why diet with such good foods around me all the time?!! I've been putting on weight ever since and that's why. Anyway I still eat but with smaller portion now and regular exersice. I hope I'll meet my target soon...;p

Okay enough with those diet thing...blah blah's the curry I cooked for myself..:D

Steamed Ribs Curry...yum yum!


500g Spare-ribs (chopped into 3" length)

4 potatoes (cut into pieces)

200ml concentrated coconut milk

2-3 stalks lemon grass

2 stalks curry leaves

1 tbsp Chilli powder (mixed with 2 tbsps water)

1 tbsp chilli boh or chilli giling


1 tsp salt

30g Meat curry powder

a little sugar

a little water

** Salt to taste.

~ Marinade ribs at least one hour.

~ Heat wok with some oil, stir-fry shallots, chilli powder (mixed with water) and chilli boh until fragnant, add in curry leaves and lemon grass.

~ Add in potoes and ribs followed by coconut milk and mix well. Add a little more salt to taste.

~ Transfer into a tray and steam for 25-30 minutes or until meat tender.

These are the ingredients needed..:)

Oh so yummy. Who can resist with this delicious dish??

What I'm serving for dinner tonight were plain fried vegetarian meehoon with steamed ribs curry...:)



  1. Are you seriously going on a diet?? I don't think so, heehee, looking at that spare rip curry, I won't even recognize what 'D I E T' this word, hahaha! Wah....looks so good neh...salivating already. Hey your girl just eat mee hoon ahh??

  2. Bee Bee,
    I'm serious into "diet" leh....I just took alittle ribs but more potatoes lo..haha! Just craving to have some, but really control!!
    Cheryl took the mee hoon and also some simple side dish I cooked just for her..;D

  3. Wow, spare ribs in curry...! Sounds and looks delicious :)!

  4. I am on diet too, ever since start baking, my weight keep increasing until I dun even dare to weigh myself! Reese, rich and thick gravy is a killer for diet but I cannot resist curry too...

  5. ~ Cooking Gallery, this is my favorite dish...:)

    ~ Jess, yeah I too can't resist so I got to cook for myself but took alittle only...heehee.



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