Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Taiwanese Meat Pie (馅饼)

School's examinations starting tomorrow, and I'll like to wish everyone good luck and do well. Okay, I know my daughter is only 7 years old, but I'm already started to feel nervous and stress, wonder how am I going to stress out for the coming years...LOL!! Relax...that's what my husband said to me!!
Alright, my post today...a Taiwanese dessert / snack. I love Taiwan food, I've been there 2 times and I never miss their night market with all lovely and delicious food!! Hoping that I may go again...;p

Taiwanese Meat Pie ( 馅饼 ) or you may call it pancakes but with fillings! Btw, I changed the fillings here. A curry flavours one....hehe! Tasted by few friends this afternoon when we were having lunch, feedback was...GOOD!!

Okay, here's the recipe.....

Ingredients for fillings:
200g chicken fillet (diced) ~ marinade with 2 tbsps meat curry powder and a pinch of salt and sugar.
2 medium local / yellow potatoes (diced)
5 shallots (diced)
1 onion (diced)
2 stalks curry leaves (chopped or you prefer to blend it)
2-3 tsps chilli paste
1 tsp chicken seasoning powder
1-2 tbsps water (add slowly, may need more if finds potatoes are not thoroughly cook)

~ Panfry shallots and onions until fragnant with 2 tbsps oil then add in curry leaves. Panfry at medium heat until fragnant.
~ Add in chilli paste and potatoes. Continue to cook for about 2-3 minutes then add in the rest of the ingredients. (except water)
~ At low heat slowly add in water and continue cooking until potatoes are totally cooked.
~ Dish up and let cool.

Ingredients for the pastry:
300g plain flour
3g salt
170ml warm water @ 65'C

~ Place flour and salt in a big bowl, add in water and stir to mix.
~ Mix dough by hands until form a rough dough then place on cleaned surface and knead for 3 minutes.....(ways of kneading, just press dough flat and fold into half and continue the same procedure for 3 minutes)
~ Place dough in a clean bowl and cover with cling wrap. Rest for 30 minutes.
~ Take out dough and roll into long stripes until smooth. Divide into 30g each and its ready to use.

~ After wrapping the fillings, seal properly like sealing a steamed pau then slightly press it flat by using our palm.
~ Heat up a non-stick pan with 1 tbsp oil and panfry both sides until golden brown at low heat.
~ Serve hot!!

Of course you can always change the fillings to your liking. Maybe with black pepper mutton or beef, it may taste good too...:)

Well, as you can see, my wrapping was not good here. Uneven side thicker than the other...:( I know practice makes perfect...I'll do it again!!



  1. Looks very good. I want,send me 2 will do. I am on diet You have to envy me or admire me, cos I am going there very soon. I will eat as much as I can.hahahhehehe.

  2. LOL...舅母, I know I know.....that means diet now, later eat more then no guilty..haha! Enjoy your trip ya, oh and don't forget about my books...hehe!

  3. Looks good and yummy! Thanks for sharing this :) I will try this at home :)

  4. Oh ya, I remembered the one I ate in Taiwan, with black pepper but it's pork, very good! Still have juice oozing out when bite it! Oh I really miss it! Yes, looks like I can try ur recipe ....else have to go Taiwan then get to eat! 

  5. Wendy,
    Yes...I promise to make this for you ladies when we meet again...:)

    You are welcome with this recipe..:)

    Bee Bee,
    Ya lo, I also tried the black pepper with pork one...miss it so much!

  6. Let's go to Taiwan!! I nv go before haha

  7. Swee San,
    Actually we can plan ho.....then I got to hv a very strict fasting before we go...hahaha! We'll eat non stop I can tell you!!

  8. i know my kids will love this, because they like everything with curry, hehehe..aiyah, my wrapping skill also same same, need to improve also. Thanks for sharing, will try out soon.



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