Friday, October 21, 2011

Cutie Angku Kueh

I'm so into baking and cooking lately! Mostly because my daughter's school exam was finally over and I'm free of stress now. What is in my mind now is just all kinds of recipes...haha!

Okay, I've done this angku kueh this afternoon for my friends for supper actually, but before our dinner starts, the kuehs were half gone! That means it's delicious...aren't they?!...LOL!!
Oh...and my daughter, she's not a fan of angku kueh, but she loves this. Why?....I think mostly because of the cute shape and her favourite peanuts inside...:) Then my husband, he keep telling me that he preferred coconut fillings but he took 5 of these...haha!

Anyhow, I'm not quite satisfied with the colours here. It was suppose to be real RED for the red dough, which I used only the beetroot juice. I should have blend some of the root into it ..:( I did used beetroot for my angku kuehs last time, which you can view here. Very nice RED right?....Haiya, I just miss that part!! So after steamed, it was blur orange instead!

Nevermind, the texture was still good....and most of all, my friends love it. Oh about the mould....I used those DAISO egg moulds this time, and those kueh just came out easily. Nice one, I must go shop for more shapes at Daiso.

Right, the can get it here.

Mostly the same, but instead of pumpkins or orange sweet potatoes, I used the white sweet potatoes (same as the one I did for the black sesame angku), and some beetroot juice.

I just did 1/2 portion of the recipe here, so it makes 16 small angku kuehs from the tiny cute moulds. The difference of the recipe here was only the water used, I added 50ml water from the cooked white sweet potatoes and another 50ml water from the cooked beetroot. If you like the real RED, then you should follow my ingredients here. (total 100ml water because its only half portion of the recipe)

In case you are wondering how I cooked the beetroot or the sweet potatoes, I just sliced the roots thinly and added water just to cover the roots and bring to boil until the roots were softened.

And the fillings, this time was peanuts fillings which my friends requested. I still prefer the beans fillings...LOL!!

I personally like the fish shape...don't they just look cute and lovely?! I think we can do alot of things from this egg moulds....just think of something, it may attract someone before they try to eat...haha!

Once again, I must thank my mum for teaching me this kueh and it becomes my famous kuehs among the rest...haha!



  1. Heehee, you really went to make more, nice! Okay, I'll make some later with the same fish mould I got.  This time with peanut filling, yum yum! 

  2. Truly agree that when it looks cute, it will entice kids to try it out, no matter if they like the taste or not, they will still eat because of the shape. LOL.
    Some kids just refuse to try, and this is a good method.

  3. So cute! The egg moulds can be used for so many things. Last month mooncakes, now ang ku kueh! :)

  4. Bee Bee,
    Yeah, go go make!! I'm sure your girls will love it...:)

    Yeah..I agree with you, no matter they like the taste or not, they'll sure go for the shape!!

    These egg moulds are really I'm thinking of something else to make with it...;p

  5. I remembered these moulds from Elin, I have the fish and car shape , hehehe,great idea to use for AKK and kids sure love it.

  6. Yea, Sonia.....
    These moulds are really handy. I have the car one too, then my friend got a cute rabbit one, I have to go look for it..:)



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