Sunday, January 29, 2012

Salted Paprika Grilled Chicken Wings

Hi....Gong Xi Fa Cai...恭喜发财,新年快乐!!!
Finally the school holidays for this CNY was over, and its back to my daily routine again. How I wish the holidays will be longer..maybe another week!!...LOL!! Well well...back to realistic!!
Okay, I know I've been missing for such a long time, you know...when holidays come, then I'll be busy with the holiday schedules...travelling and enjoying myself to the fullest instead in the kitchen..hehe! So I guess,I got to get back into my kitchen now and start all the recipes from my to-do-list!!!

Here, the Salted Paprika Grilled Chicken Wings for my buddies gathering last week ( potluck gathering). This was not the first time I'm making this recipe but just added some salted spice that my mom brought me. So if you like this recipe, do have a look at my 2009 December post!!
The only difference here was I added a tbsp of salted spice. Sorry no photos of the spice...I just forgot about it. But maybe you can google it..."Spice Bake Mix, 盐烤鸡粉"...from the brand "Haday,海天"...made from China..;p

This wings was so delicious, and my buddies love it so much. Oh maybe they already forgot the 2009 gathering which I made for them with drum sticks...haha!
Grilled for an hour with the oven at 250'C (30 minutes for the top then 30 minutes for the other side). Without spreading any oil or butter, the wings were so crispy and I think its alittle healthy than frying...huh!
The photos here were not that beautiful with my old camera taken, I think I should change my camera...haha! The wings colour were actually golden brown and look very tempting.

Have a try then you'll know what I mean....delicious and easy to prepare. There'll be more wings to come for this weekend gathering...haha! I'm still cracking my head what kind of flavour to marinate it....any idea?

Enjoy your CNY for one more week! Cheers!!


  1. 恭喜發财!glad that you had a good CNY celebration this year. �� the chicken wings look yummy! Your friends are lucky! Looking forward to see more delicious post from you my friend. ��

  2. Reese..these wings had me drooling on my keyboard and me is hungry just looking at it now :p I must watch out for this salted spice. I love wings :)) and glad you had a wonderful CNY travelling around .

  3. Hi Reese,
    Hope you have a wonderful CNY! I have an award for you, hop over to my blog to receive it. :)



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