Monday, March 5, 2012

Braided Ribbon Twists (麻花)

It's March!! Time flies....and school is going to have their 1st term break. Planning to go anywhere? I'm not....because this holiday is too short (only a week) and my daughter is going to have her Music Theory Exam during that week...*sigh*...boring!!
Then today, the contractors have started their work hacking and drilling my bathroom.....Oooo MESSY & NOISY!! Just because of the leakage underneath the bathtub, I got to remove everything to repair it...:(
Nevermind...I'll just go entertain myself in the kitchen...LOL!! So here it is...the braided ribbon twists was done while the drilling and hacking still going on..^^ ...And also I've cooked my favourite Ribs curry too...haha! YUMMY!!

This was my 2nd attempt since last month. That time I did not do a good job, so while frying the twists...all went loosen and became small biscuits instead. This time, I make sure I twist properly and tightly before frying. Ta-Da....*clap clap* for myself....:)

Done 2 types of braids here, the 2nd one below was my daughter's idea. She keep asking me to braid it like braiding her hair...okay I did some for her..hehe!

This was easy to make which the recipe only needs a few things and no machine requires. The result was good too...very crispy!

Here's the recipe to share...(adapted from the Y3K magazine, Traditional Koh Kuih,Lap Mei & Cookies by Wong Sip Moi)

170g plain flour
65g icing sugar (original called for 70g)
1/4 tsp salt
30g shortening
1 tbsp white sesame seeds
70 ml water (may not need all)

~ Sieve flour, mix all the ingredients together (with the water adding in slowly) into a smooth dough by hand.
~ Rest dough for 30 minutes.
~ Divide into about 15g portions and shape into slim rolls. Braids them up like the above pictures.
~ Deep fry in hot oil (medium heat) until golden.
~ Remove, drain well and sprinkle with some icing sugar if prefer.
~ Cool completely and store in air tight containers.

Easy right?!..You may like to braid it with your own patterns but remember don't roll the strips too thick or else it may not cook properly. This recipe only yells 8-9 twists, so if you want more...double the recipe!!

A look at the inside, light and crispy. This is my father's favourite too...will make again next week when they come visit..:)



  1. it my favourite too...sometime buy at shop one very rock.

  2. This is like a childhood favorite. Sure brings back lots of memory. Haven't eat it for years! Now didn't buy mainly because store bought ones are so hard! I bet yours is really crisp and yummy! Looks like a fun to make too with the kids. ^_^

  3. Hody,
    Yeah....usually outside sell ones are abit hard to bite.

    Bee Bee,
    Yes!! This is really crsip and yummy, not hard at all!! Our friends...SH & G tried, said very nice...hehe!

  4. Reese...the ribbon twists looks professional done :) I must learn how to make them too ! Hope the repair work gets done fast :)

  5. So no more 4 strands one ah?
    This one looks much much better than the earlier ones that went into ur hubby's tummy.

  6. Elin,
    Thank you, I still need much more practice to get a perfect braids though...the 4 strands one!!

    Ya lo...dare not try the 4 strands one but I will soon...hehe!

  7. Ha this reminded me of my granny who used to make these during CNY.

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