Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Steamed Wholemeal Banana Mantou 麦粉香蕉馒头

Dear readers, I'm back with a simple recipe. I'm not doing much in my kitchen lately because I'm busy with my daughter's scedule. Her school exams are coming soon, and as usual, I'm worry and stress...:((
Being stress in my daughter's exam is really useless, I know but what to do, it just comes naturally. I guess all mums out there are the same...hehe!

Right, here's a really simple recipe I created, hope you like it as much as I do.

Steamed  wholemeal banana mantou, 麦粉香蕉馒头.

400g Pau flour (low gluten flour)
100g wholemeal wheat flour
2 tsps double action baking powder
11g instant yeast
120g castor sugar
40g shortening
100g mashed bananas
180-190ml water. (may not need all)

- Mix all ingredients together except water with an electric mixer using a dough hook.
- Add in water slowly and continue to mix at high speed until a soft dough form.
- When the dough form, stop adding anymore water and continue to mix at high speed for about 5 minutes.
- Transfer dough onto flour dust surface and divide into 50g small pieces.
- Roll out dough as shown above.
- Fold up like the above and place on a cut baking paper.
- Arrange in the steam bamboo tray and let them double the size before steaming. (about 15 minutes)
- Steam at high heat for 12-15 minutes.

These mantou are so soft and fluffy that you can just eat it by its own. Spread some kaya or jam, they taste just as good as you want.

Look at the inside, don't they look soft and fluffy to you? With the light banana aroma, these buns are just too good to resist.
Try them out and let me know, I'll like to hear the comments from you....^^



  1. interesting steamed bun with added mashed banana. I like to bake with banana and love its magic of giving moist cake. Shall try adding into steamed bun. This is a healthy bun and sure like to serve to my family. Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome Vivian!
      I like to bake with bananas too and its my daughter's favorite fruit, that means she'll whip up anything I bake or steam with bananas...haha!

  2. Interesting banana mantou. Good luck to your gal.



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