Monday, August 17, 2009

Classic Mousse with Chocolate sponge

Hmm.....have been craving for chocolate lately. My dear friend has passed me some rich and nice chocolate from Singapore. I don't know why they don't sell it here....???
I don't want to waste it on something i'm not confident with, so i came up with this Classic Chocolate Mousse....Actually it was a recipe i searched online long time ago, but can't really remember the add of it. I remembered it was with a video, which i can see exactly how to make the mousse. I did jot down the details of it, keep it until now without trying...haha!

Here's the recipe...

120g Good quality Chocolate
30g Unsalted butter
6 Egg yolks
6 Egg whites
1tbsp Sugar
1 cup Whipped Cream

~ Double boil (melted) the chocolate, add in butter and stir well
~ Cool the chocolate slightly then add in egg yolks one at a time, mix well
~ Whisk egg white until they are foamy and begining to hold a shape
~ Add in sugar and beat until soft peak formed
~ Add into the chocolate mixture (separate the egg whites into 3 portion, so that its easier to mix)
~ Fold gently in one direction
~ Whipped cream until soft peak form, add into mixture ( same as mixing the egg whites)
~ Fold gently until well combine
~ Spoons into cups or cake tin then chill till harden

** I spoons into cups then placed a thin slice of chocolate sponge cakein the middle and topped with the mousse again.
** For the cake, i used a 4.5" round tin, add a thin layer at the base then layered with mousse. Then add another layer of cake and topped with the mousse again

For the sponge...........
125g Eggs
63g Sugar
55g Cake flour
25ml Water
8g cocoa powder
30g Melted butter

~ Whisk at high speed the eggs, sugar, flour and water until light and fluffy
~ Lastly fold in the melted butter which is already mixed with cocoa powder
~ Pour mixture into a flat square or round 9" pan lined with cake paper.
~ Bake at 180'C for 25-30 minutes
** May cut the cake into 2 layers if its too thick

Result?!.....Its great! Everybody loves it!...:)
Especially the daughter said its an ice cream cake...;p. My husband likes it too....YES! That's the most important comment..huh!...hee hee!
Anyway, i'm quite happy with it too....:)

Its simple and delicious! This is not sweet at all, and its worth a try! Enjoy!!....:)


  1. Yummy Chocolate Mousse cake Reese! Me and my girl loves it! I have reserved the last one for her tonight...she needs the extra calories, heehee. ;) Thanks for sharing!;)

  2. Ooh...i should have give you more! So happy seeing them eat yesterday...:) Welcome, welcome!



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