Friday, August 28, 2009

Lucky me!!

"PHEW" at last!! I'm so depressed and frustrated yesterday......:( Why??....
I've been trying out to make a swiss roll which my dear friend gave me the recipe quite some time ago. And you know what happen??......I threw all the sponge after 4 attempts...'sign'..:(
Well, it seems not difficult when i look into the method, but I don't know what happen. I just cannot get it, all the sponges turned out terrible.
At last, my dear friend came for my rescue...hee hee! Sounds like a prince rescueing his princess..ha ha!
I'm really blessed with good friends around, whenever i need help, they'll sure lend a hand.

Okay, this recipe is from my dear friend, honeybeesweets (mango swiss roll). She even showed me the method of mixing the batter, step by step...lucky me ha!
Thank you so much, BB....:) I'm so happy when i see the sponge rising i my oven....really happy!

See, at last! Anyway i'm not really good at rolling the sponge, but I'll keep trying..:p
Maybe tomorrow will try another flavour of the swiss roll.....pandan or chocolate...hmm....can't wait to go get those ingredients..haha!
Wish me luck!!


  1. Hey Reese,
    Don't mention it! I should have taken the time to make it with you before you dump away those before! :-P But glad that this time it turned out great. ;) Hey, remember to pass me a couple of slices later arr, heehee. :D

  2. Hee hee! Sure sure, was about to call you soon.
    Of course have to let you try (my si-fu)!!



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